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first shoulder-pulled qview

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I decided to try some pulled pork, so i got a 9 pound shoulder, used tony chacheres for the rub and smoked over hickory. Had a little trouble keeping the temp up to 240 so it took 15 hours but it was worth it. I also did a turkey breast for my brother, I think i got him hooked on smoked meat. I have decided I have to slow down with the smoking, I cant eat it as fast as I want to cook it! Heres the qview
prepped shoulder

ready to pull


The turkey breast after the smoke
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Nice first go! biggrin.gif

Just a tip to make life easier for you. If you have temp problems (wind, outside temps., act of God, ect.) smoke the shoulder till it hits 165° internal meat temp. Then wrap in heavy foil (2 layers) and pop it in a 275° oven. You will get all the great smokey flavor and the oven will finish it up to 200° internal temp. just fine. Rest in cooler for at least 1 hr. and pull.... yummm!biggrin.gif
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nice job, way to keep with it and keep it on the smoker the whole time.

points for adhering to: "what starts in the smoker finishes in the smoker" PDT_Armataz_01_12.gifpoints.gif
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Look'in good PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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