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Used WSM + Goodies, $100. Good Deal?

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Hey Guys,

I ran across a craigslist ad for a WSM 18.5" in good condition (3-4 yrs old), along with a cover, rib rack, heat resistant gloves, remote meat and smoker thermometer, and a "good quantity" of smoke woods... all for $100.

This is a good deal, yeah? Obviously depends on the brand of all the other goodies too, but I called the guy relatively late and he didn't know the brands off the top of his head, so I didn't make him go check. Mainly cause I figured the smoker itself was decent at $100.

I wasn't planning on buying a WSM really... but it just seemed like such a good deal, and I figured I would eventually dive into charcoal smoking... so I already made the deal icon_redface.gif

I'm picking it up tomorrow morning... hopefully the wife doesn't rip my head off cause I JUST bought a brand new Weber kettle as well PDT_Armataz_01_05.gif

Let me know what you guys think... haha.
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Holy cow he just e-mailed me back, it's a Maverick ET-73.

I always knew I needed two of these... PDT_Armataz_01_36.gif
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Sweet deal. tell the wife you bought it for her.
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You did very good. I looked forever on CL for one, never did find one. I ended up with a new one.
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really good deal imho..
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Yeah, you scored! Nice haul for even double the money.
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Yeah, definitely scored :)

Picked it up this morning in the rain.

WSM is in good condition, ET-73 works well, Weber rib rack, a Kingston charcoal bin filled with cherry wood chunks, another bin filled with apple chunks, and a bag of alder.

Can't wait for the rain to stop so I clean out this badboy and smoke something!
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very nice score!
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I guess you did, congrats.
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