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need help ASAP

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brand new to all this. i have my smoker going now.
masterbuilt brand. trying to do summer sausage.
put in smoker @ 160 almost five hours ago, and the internal temp is barely 120. i thought it would be done by now. am i smoking at the correct temp.
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I assume this is a cured sausage?

Recipe or mix?

Summers can take a long time. But need to know what you are following in your attempt at this? Kit maybe?
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Summer sausage can take up to 18 hours, depending on the diameter, and the last 10 degrees take the longest. I usually get mine done in 8-10 hours, but I steam mine once the internal temp reaches around 142-145 degrees.

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it was made with a mix that was store bought. it is called,
uncle bucks summer sausage seasoning. it had a seperate bag of cure in the bag. it says to smoke until inside meat temp is 165. but doesnt say what temp. to smoke at or for how long.
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If your smoker is only at 160, it will be hard to follow the instructions of cooking to an internal temp of 165.
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I was just looking at the bass pro web site. Reading some of the review, it says to finish it off by raising the temps to 180 degrees until the desired internal temp in reached. I agree with Dirt Guy, if your smoker is set at 160, you cannot get an internal of 165. Raise your temps to 180 and ride it out.
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i will raise the temp to 180. i guess i was having a blonde moment there.biggrin.gif
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As said above

Good advice posted above, need to know the size, how long, how many times you opened the door etc,

What kind of thermometer do you have, I always use two just to make sure my mind does not trick me. Like said raise temp to 180 or so and let it ride.

As soon as it gets to temp you may want to cool it sown with water. to stop it from raising any more.
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As long as it is cured no worries about microbes,, but ya temp gotta go up to get to 165
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Were you using the water pan? I think the steam it produces helps finish the sausage more quickly. After 7-8 hours, I've had mine go practically dry and my internal temp increase seemed to come to a stand-still.

In my opinion, which was gained by reading the most respected books available and by learning from many experienced users on sites like this is: (if it was cured), 165 internal is too high. I always stop at 152-155 internal. To reach that, I never set my MES higher than 170 or 175. The higher you go, the more fat you are going to render out of it.

Sausage that is not cured (e.g. brats), should be cooked at 225-250 and go to 165 internal. This is pretty much grilling with the addition of smoke.
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Need help asap

I have made lots of summer sausage and it takes a long time to get it done. I usually use 4 in.and it takes about 7 hrs. But as a side note all my recipes call for an i.t. of 152 to 154 f. I have never had a problem. If you go much over 170 f in your smoker it will start rendering out the fat it not only looks bad but you lose a lot of taste imho. Thks Piker
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well, what a start into the smoking world. found out (too late), that not only is the temp. gauge on the smoker way off, but the temp gauge i bought is the same way. or maybe the controls on the smoker are defective. at some point it seems the cooker temp. was 220, when i thought it was 160. here are the results. i guess they are edible, but not much taste. this was venison and pork sausage mixed 50-50.
<a href="" target="_blank"><img src="ht
i think i have it regulated now. will do another batch sometime soon i guess. thanks for all the replys.
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Been there before...I always test all my thermometers before and after I smoke now when I clean them.

Keep at it, you will get it figured out!
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My last batch (50 #) went in smoker at 0800, done at 0300 the next am. 19 hours. Don't rush it.
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i am going to try another batch tomorrow. i am only going to do ten pounds just in case. what do you all think of this idea.
i am going to put the sausage in at 170 degrees, and just let it go.
the sausage will be venison and pork 50-50 mix in 1 1/2" casings.
according to the last attempt, i need to add chips about every hour.
does this sound anywhere near correct. about how many hours should this take. thanks again for all the help.
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I think you are wanting to rush things, and thats never a good idea from my experience. I start mine at 120 for 2 hours to thoroughly dry, then bump it to 140 for about 3 hours, then 160 for several, and then 170 until it hits 152. I drop my temp to about 160 again and let it ride around 152-155 for 1/2 an hour to make sure everything gets up to temp, then its done.

Don't rush it, the faster you go the more likely your fat will run to the outside and to the bottom and you get dry shriveled sausage, instead of staying put in the meat where you want it. I smoke heavy from the 2 hour mark for about 4 hours and that suits my taste, it takes quite a bit of smoke to penetrate the fibrous casings.

Good luck, my advice is take it slow and easy, don't start higher than 140 and work up slowly if you can.
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What he said. Don't rush into it. Sometimes going to fast can slow you downbiggrin.gif.

As far as your other ones not turning out like you hoped, maybe think about cutting them up and making some sort of hunters stew or adding them to chili? Couldn't hurt. Take your time here, learn the proper steps and when done so, you will have a superior product. As always, we are all here to help you make the best smoke you can, so any question you have, ask awayPDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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