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A very good friend of mine made a big boo boo. What happens when u do not properly clean your GOSM, leave it uncovered, to have it rained on, then let the sun heat up the inside???? you got it!!!! MOLD redface.gif now im not really sure how to clean it properly. reason being is MOLD is a pretty nasy character when it comes in contact with food.....can anyone help???
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Scrape it out then pressure was with hot soapy wayer then start over like it was new. the heat will kill the mold.
My GOSM sits in the rain, snow, sun, dark,,,, it hasn't moved in 3 years. never had mold
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wow....but im sure you clean it after every use. you shoulda seen this thing it looked like shag carpet we call him moldie oldie tongue.gif
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Big discussion of this issue on this thread
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Scrape as much out as you can and do a high heat burn (similar to what you'd do with a new smoker). Soap could leave a soapy taste on your food so make sure you rinse it out well.
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sounds good burn em out PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Wear a mask, scrape it out, power wash with soapy water followed by a rinse, then a Tbl spoon a bleach in a gallon a water an spray, let sit a bit then power rinse again. Reseason an use.
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Second the wearing a mask! mold spores are very light and will nd up in your lungs in no time.

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