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Cornish Game hens

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So I lent out my GOSM to an employee of mine, and he brought it back on Friday. Since I had to work the next day, we decided to plan a little lunch for the three of us who were working.

I spatched and brined 3 birds overnight, then dried them and rubbed them with some S&P, Garlic powder, dried rosemary, and EVOO. Put the same ingredients on the taters, and sealed them up in foil. Smoked them @ about 275, and an hour and a half later lunch was served. They turned out grat, and something I will definitely do again.

rubbed and ready


On to the GOSM


Thanks for checking out my QVIEW.
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That is some fine looking Cornish hen. Nice smoke.
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What a great looking meal - nice smoke and great qview
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did you cut the breast.....normaly i take out the backbone. everything else looks good!
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Ya...we were short on prep time so I just split them @ the breasts and splayed them. I was still happy with the result.
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then that's all that counts!
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Them birds look great, Them spuds really look good, I love them red taters! points.gif
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