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CB Cured All the Way? Q'view

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Hi experts,
I had some loin left over that I cured with TQ and brown sugar according to the instructions on the various threads. It was in the cure for 7 days and rotated at least once a day. I took it out today to do the fry test. I cut it in half to get a center section and this is what I found. I can see the color change but it doesn't look like it goes to the center. Is it cured, and safe? If not - how do I save it?

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Looks like it cured through just not as much in the center.
Did one once that actually had no cure going on on the inside and the middle wasn't pink at all, needless to say I tossed that but to me yours looks ok.
See what some of the other members think about it.
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Looks good to me. How did the fry test go? To me thats the bottom line. I usually do not leave mine in for 7 days. My family likes it a little sweeter. I adjust the salt (tenderquick)brown sugar ratio and cure about 4 or 5 days depending on the thickness on the loin. 7 days gave me a saltier CB almost like country ham.
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Fry test went OK - seemed a little salty. I am soaking again and then will put in the fridge to dry. Is the fridge drying a requirement? I seemed to forget that part and would like to smoke today...
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If its too salty soak it with a few thick slices of raw potato in the water. The potato will absorb the salt. Do another fry test to determine if it's to your liking.
I have taken it out rinsed, patted it dry sprinkled with CGBP and right into the smoker with fine results. I like to use applewood if I can and usually take it to 140 for frying later. I take it to 160 if I want "ready to eat". Good luck!
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Looks good to me. if it wasn't cured thru it would have had a gray center after the fry test. With cure, the meat takes on most of it's color after it's cooked. I forget the optimum temp for color though.
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Thanks for the help! It is the smoker with hickory and apple. I'll post Q'view later...
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I looks good to me too. I like the cure and you'll never taste it in the center of the loin. So your just fine.
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Well it was a success - a huge success! Will definitely being doing it again soon witha much bigger loin. Thanks to all who helped share the knowledge.

Here it is at the end of the cure:

Sliced before the fry test. This is the same picture as the beginning of the thread only higher resolution:

Smoked at 225 with Hickory and Cherry:

Internal shot and it was INCREDIBLE!:

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When you get a huge hunka pork it doesn't hurt to do a combination cure. Dry rub or brine on the outside ....and inject with a brine or pickle cure for even curing.

Yours looks great! PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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You mean I coulda done a J-Loin CB? wink.gif

Nice lookin CB. makin me hungry with that Q-view
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