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1st Smoke on the Old Smokey

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How good can it be? I have SMOKE, BLUES (Andre KGGO Iowans will know who it is), and cold BEER. Decided to do beer can chickens have 2 birds on the Old Smokey at 225 degrees using hickory chips. First attempt at a Qview will follow later today. It's good to be a HAWKEYE!!!

The Old Smokey Electric Smoker

The Before

The Smoke has begun

The Finished Product
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Not sure on the Hawkeye thing (LOL) but I'm looking forward to your Qview.
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Finally got the Qview uploaded. The finished chicken had excellant taste not over powering smoke taste, so I was pleased. The skin of the chicken was the only thing that I was unhappy with, was a bit rubbery.
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I'm doin 2 beer can chickens right now (they're off the UDS and foiled)

I usually have the same issue with the skin. It gets discarded
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In the past I have grilled them on the gas grill (indirect heat), and I have had crisp skin. I did rub them in olive oil, don't know if that was the right thing to do with the smoker.
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It is the temp. To get crispy skin smoking you need to be up in the 300 degree range. If not then you get rubbery skin.
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That could have been the problem, I kept backing the heat off to 225 degree range.
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Would you use that 300 degrees for he whole smoke or just for some time at the end?
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I just bought my Old Smokey Electric and after some reading, the skin won't crisp because of having to cook with the lid on... to crisp skin place under broiler for a few.
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I'm getting hungryPDT_Armataz_01_12.gif
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