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silicone around the stack?

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I just got done with the freezer built smoker. I thought of using 100% silicone around the smoke stack on the outside of the freezer to seal off the gap. I'm thinking this would be ok to do, but wanted to check and see what you guys thought. the temp on the tube says good to 400F.Thanks again.
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I've use sicivone seal around my smoker doors for a better seal and it has lasted for a couple of problem...

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I went out and got some high temp food grade silicone for my smoker. Just check around at your local food distribuitor stores. I figured I would get a high temp food grade to be safe. But then again mine was going on the inside of my smoker not the outside.
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Sorry about the spelling !!!! That's SILICONE SEAL...Rick
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I would have said no but then I didn't know they make a high temp food grade silicone either.
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Does anybody know what this high temp food grade is called? I've looked and came up empty.
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I have read on some regular silicone bottles from home depot that this silicone was approved for food use if cured for 72 hours in a certain temp range or whatever. I was suprised to read it in the fine print on the bottle. If I remember right it was a clear bottle of GE silicon II is what it was called, but always check on the bottle.

Here is a quick google search of a thread that corroborates what I found, that the pure 100% silicone ge Silicone II is food safe. Anything with none of the anti microbials and such should be, as long as its pure silicone with just as solvent that cures out. I would trust anything like that myself.
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And if that makes you nervous, I am sure you can order the fda approved food grade stuff like this.
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The stuff I picked up said food grade and it had a USDA approved stamp right on it. I called every hardware store in my area (around 20) and none of them had it. Finally someone suggested called a food equipment supplier and they told me where they buy theirs from right in town.
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