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had to pull out the big......

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gun for a couple of burgers! i bought this li'l guy just to put under my chiminy starter but i find myself using it more and more.

notice the thin blue from hickory.....

das burgers..........

mushrooms, avocado, muenster chz, tomato and mayo/must/ need!
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That's a gourmet looking burger PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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You had me till you got to the avocado nope never noway awha. But after that it was a good looking burger. Now you back porch is looking like mine with grills everywhere. I see you have 3 plus the big gun I to have one of those for camping we will go.
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WOW that looks good, love the burgers.
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Avocado is the best thing on earth!

Other than a Lil Green Chile, I wouldnt change a thing.

That looks fantastic Rob
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We have one of those little Weber kettles too. It hasn't been used in a while but it's still a cool little BBQ.

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avo is my know, gotta stay healthy!
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the one time i didn't have bacon or green chili..............
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That burger does look great. I second the Avacodo on burgers. Yum Yum Yum!
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You can not live where I do and not eat avocados. Love them and that burger looks great.
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Going to have to run outside and fire up the grill after seeing that!
That a great combination on that burger.
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