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Venison Pastrami

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I have never been much of a pastrami guy just never had a good pastrami until now I took out a 5 pound elk roast and used Jeanie's Cowgirl's recipe for venison pastrami Thank you Jeanie this is some good stuff i will be making this one again
i cured the roast for 5 days using Jeanies cure after 5 days i removed from the cure and rinsed and soaked the roast for 2 hours then i got busy so i placed the roast back into the fridge this was thursday night on friday after work i got the roast out and had to do some trimming to do so i sharpened my knife while doing this i cut my finger layed it wide open about a 2 inch cut and deep so back into the fridge it went
so today i finally got to smoke the pastrami it went into the GOSM propane on 250 i used hickory for smoke and this stuff really turned out great i forgot to season the roast after soaking and before i placed into the smoker it still was great even without the seasoning i will be doing this again here is the pics

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That looks fantastic, Huey! I'll be trying that soon.
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That looks great. Bet it tasted good also.
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Man oh Man that looks good and gosh dang it jeff I thought we were getting the smell avision here by now. This know this is a top rated site an all.points.gifJust have to go out for the everything.
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Thanks guys it did turn out real good i really enjoyed this one
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Huey sorry to hear about your finger, hope it's healed now!
The venison looks great!! I haven't tried elk but have been using the recipe on venison and beef for years. Glad you liked it. PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Venison Pastrami

That looks absolutley awsome

Will try forsure
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