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Okay guys lighter fluid or not

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paper or not to help with a fire what does everyone do, i will admit i use a little lighter fluid so you can call me myron
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if I have a lot of time I will fluid one, but mostly I put my charcoal starter stack on top of my turkey fryer burner and fire that stuff to coals.
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Noooooooooooooo Waaaaaaaaaaaaaay

Go to your local store and pick a Weber or like charcoal starter. 2 pieces of newspaper and you are good to go, unless you like putting petroleum products in your food and body.
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sounds good you got that pic
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thanks but how does myron get by with that much fluid
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They work great, Just nice not having to use fluid
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Light organics burn off a set temperatures. The "fluid ruins your food" mantra is made by people who did not understand the chemsitry and do it wrong.

Like the rest of the things in smoking, if you know the techniques, it can be mastered.

That is why I said the way I use it. Let it get hot, don't cover it, keep the draft and dampers open and it no longer exists in the cooker. But the charcoal starter chimney is a great thing. Since I started setting it on my propane turkey cooker it is pretty fast.
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I use a charcoal chimmney or a weedburner.
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my lighter of choice also!!!! you can sprinkle a little cooking oil on the paper to light it....
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I guess I am somewhere in the middle, I dont want to let it burn off before the meat goes in. I bought a chimney for charcoal, and with the Lang i use a weed burner to light the wood
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I use a chimney or propane burner.
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I use one of these. Really quick and easy. No lighter fluid.
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chimney starter,

not interested in eating petrol. PDT_Armataz_01_33.gif
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make sure you scrub that every time to keep it shiny too.
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Chimney starter, make good use of junk mail and bills.
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I just started using the weber chimney starter last year and I like it expect the ash of newspaper is annoying.
I used lighter fluild for 25 years and if you let your briquettes get completely ashed over (white) all that fluid is gone.

This will date me a little but when I grilled with my father (butcher 43 years) when I was a kid (early 70's) he would throw paint thinner in there to start it because it was cheaper! I can't even fathom that now and when I tease him about it he always says "if yours coals are white you're fine boy, the chemicals are gone"
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yeah dude... nooooo wayyyyyy! I use a chimmney and my turkey fryer..
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Used one tonight to get my fire going for the pork chops. Those things work great.
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i use a two chimney's of charcoal ,with newspaper underneath,and ignite it with my MAAP torch.

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