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Smokin pork butt

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Does anyone trim fat layer b4 smoking?
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If you watch the Pitmasters barbeque show on TLS, you will see that the competition boys always trim the fat.

They say that it allows the rub to penetrate the meat better.

That being said, I also trim the surface fat from the meat....and I'm very satisfied with the results. So are my guests.

One way out of many.
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yep everytime
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Really there is enough fat within the meat that trimming it will not hurt it a bit.
And then all that other stuff that was said. PDT_Armataz_01_12.gif
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I'm still pretty new 2 this stuff
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It's a two sided sword with that question around here I trim but just the hard cap off and some around here trim to 1/4". I like the fat to moistin the meat as it melts and I'm a believer in fat in flavor too.
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I take it on a butt by butt decision. Most I buy have a nice fat cap so i leave the cap alone. Others I have trimmed if there was too much fat.

Picnic Shoulders I always trim off the hard fat cap.
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Years ago my wife decided we needed to eat only organic meat. We purchased a side of beef and a hog for the freezer. These animals must have been exercise freaks. There was no fat on the meat. At first it seemed like a good idea. However. Over time we learned to appreciate marbleing and fat caps. A lot of flavor lives there. Now we trim the hard fat cap and worry about the rest when we are pulling.
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Welcome to the SMF. Enjoy your stay!
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I leave it on... serves two purposes with no harm at all...

one is:

The other is if my smoker is kinda full, I put the FAT CAP DOWN to actually protect the butts from burning on the bottom while they reside on the lower racks... if I have a TEMP SPIKE then they will be ok and not get harmed...

You can always TURN them and have that fat on top to do what mballi3011 said...
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