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Great Looking Sausages Elly...points.gif
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If you used salt prk instead of plain back fat, I see how it could have made your sausage salty. Salt Pork is extremely salty stuff. If you are going to use it, I'd definitely cut back on the added salt.
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This looks delicious! points.gif

Care to post the recipe?
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I've looked at Borders, Amazon, and Ebay and can't find that book. Any advise of where I maight pick up a copy?

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Scratch that. I searched Amazon again for " The craft of curing and smoking" and found it right away!

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I just ordered the same book from Amazon yesterday....and a jerky gun too.

Just waiting on my grinder now...
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Did the salt mellow?

I'm interested to know if the saltiness mellowed out after they sit for a few days or so? I've found that a lot of the cured meats I've done that started out salty tend to get a little less salty after time. Just wonderin.
BTW I ordered that book as well as Rytek's book from Amazon last night! I've got a good stuffer, now I just need to get my own grinder. Have my eye on the .35 hp LEM at BPS.

Anyway, thanks for the post, it inspired me to get the book and get cracking on some sausage that did not come from a kit.

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Well, I don't know if they mellowed out after a few days because they didn't last that long... but I think we have did stash some in the freezer so I can check it our (If I remember....)

After eating them I think next time besides cutting down on the salt, I may use roasted garlic instead of raw...

Thanks for the feedback - hadn't checked this thread until jeffesonm posted the link to it.
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Made some of these today and they were a tad salty also. I used regular fatback not salt pork.

Not "throw them out" salty and I think they will be fine especially if used with a sauce. Will just have to keep in mind when making the sauce and limit salt. I like to make a basic tomato sauce from scratch.
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