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First Prime Rib, First Frozen Salmon

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Wife got a Frozen Salmon for only $6 ...

So I thought to myself why not thaw it out in Brine...

using Bob's Brine (left out the Tabasco)

Been Jonesin' to do a Prime Rib so I went to Sam's in a crunch and probably paid too much but I saved on the Salmon so what the heck.

6lber and cut one thick steak off it for myself for later date...

See that knife in the above pic. A local place makes those for all the area restaurants and sells them for ONLY $15!!!! They sharpen them on the spot too. They were sharpening hundreds Friday when I went in there... The place is in the Heart of what is called "The Hill". Big Old Italian community with tons of restaurants in it.
I bought 2!!!

MORE Qviews to come...
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Oh yeh. Salmon is my favorite. Show me more Qview. Show me more Qview.
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Looking good!
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The link to that Knife Co.
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I love visiting The Hill! Ragazzi's fish bowl is a staple of St. Louis! Hey, I live in Memphis and found some Ragazzi's tomato sauce in my local grocery. Good stuff.
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Yes it is!!! icon_mrgreen.gif

Prime Rib at 116*

Salmon is cooking right along

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Now I like the steak it looks good and you might think you would see fred flintstone running around somewhere. That knife looks pretty good, so whats the weight like on it.??
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I like it, probably just right for it's size. 10" long, 3" wide and .085 thick. I mean common, $15 and sharpened anytime I want only a few miles from my house... this is 'Golden Jerry, golden I tell you'. (Seinfeld)
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OK, PR in the cooler, wife and me having the Salmon now...

How about the huge taters...

Got my juice all ready for the big boy to come out of the cooler...

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I came back from Heaven to post these pics for you guys... WOW, someone tell me why I waited so long to smoke my absolute favorite food??

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That PR looks great! Just perfect!! What did you do with the juice in the pan?

You have made what could be one of my favorite meals -- salmon and prime rib. Wonderful, just wonderful.

This inspires me -- prime rib is now on my smoking list!

Thanks for posting this tasty Qview!
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