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I've been craving ribs......

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I have had a craving for ribs for a few weeks now, but the weather just hasn't been cooperative. Well, its raining today, but I rolled the CG under the carport & forged ahead.

Haven't done baby back in a while so here is a rack of BBs & a rack of spares all rubbed up & getting happy.

Put the spares on first for about an hour & half then added the spares along with a few ABTs.

I've been spritzing the ribs with apple juice every hour. I just foiled the ribs with a little more AJ & put a pan of Dutch's baked beans on. The ABTs should be coming off in about an hour for a few snacks. The ribs & beans should be ready for dinner. More to come
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That's a tray full of yummy.
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Did the spares 3-1.5-1.5 & the BBs 2-1.5-1.5. Spritzed them with apple juice 3 times before foiling with a dash of AJ. These were the meatiest ribs I have had in a long time. The texture was great. Moist with just a little tug on the bone.

Ok heres the finished product.

The wife took this one & made me post it. A least y'all can look at the ribs

I restrained myself long enough before I made a pig of myself. Too bad the flash washed out the smoke ring. Gotta work on taking better pics.

Thanks for looking.
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Looks great, now i am hungry.
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Man that all looks great...points.gifNow I'm in the rib mood
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Now those are some really good looking ribs there. I like the plate of food you have there too.
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Those ribs look fantastic! Thanks for sharing.
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