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slicing belly bacon

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you guys that use a slicer for your belly bacon, what slicer do you use? in my mind [ scary place ] you would need at least 10" from blade to meat stop correct? or am i missing something. do the small slicers have that kind of room or travel? theres always the crosscut sled on the tablesaw but that just doesnt seem right icon_smile.gif as always thanks for any replies.
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I bought an old rival off of E-bayand it travels about 10" I think but it has sliced everything I want to so far.
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I just have a small LEM slicer and it works great for bacon.
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I've got an old Oster Choice Cut slicer. Thats what I'm gonna try to slice mine up with. I'm not sure if it has enough throw to handle bacon or not. If not, I can see me searching for a new toy if this bacon making takes off.
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Old Rival here also,if my slabs are to long I cut them in 1/2-in fact when I used to buy bacon I cut it in 1/2 also-seems to fit and cook better in the big cast iron skillet.
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I cut the finished product in half and just made shorter strips. They taste just as good. icon_mrgreen.gif
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