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Need Help!! My brisket and butt temp not rising!

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Hello all,

Dennis here from atlanta? I am currently smoking an 8lb brisket and an 8lb butt for the playoffs today. I started at 2am, it's now 1:35 pm and the brisket is at 190* and the butt is at 167*. I am using a GOSM and it started lightly raining about 2 hours ago. The brisket got up to 197* but then dropped. These temps have been stuck here for about 1.5 hours. My smoker temp was set at 225* as confirmed by oven thermo. I raised the temp to 250* but still no increase in meat temp. I know you hit a plateau but this long? Any ideas??icon_question.gificon_neutral.gif
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Hmmm, are you using the oven them as your main thermometer for the smoker or are you using 2 separate therms?
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I would wrap em in foil and put them in the oven set at 250 and serve em up when everybody was ready to eat.
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I have digital taylor probes in each plus the thermo on the door of the GOSM and an oven thermometer on the same rack as the meat.
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I agree.....
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Thanks for the support.... I might do that with the butt. The brisket temp is rising now. About to take it off and wrap it in foil, towels, and into a cooler. Do you think it will keep temp for 2 hours? Or would you still put them both in 250 oven?
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like PIGNIT said, doulbe wrap & put in oven. sounds like briskit's close, pork being stubborn.when briskits done and wrapped,crank heat up and make that cook, i've done this many times. briskit, yes it will keep temp for hours wrapped and put in empty ice chest
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I"ll ya what I do, and it works like a charm. I take a med size cooler with on old down pillow in the bottom, them place the heavily foil wrapped meat on top of that, then another old down pillow on top of that. Do not, i repeat, DO NOT, use your wifes good pillows for this, if your married that is LOL.
I have kept hot enough to where I could not handle it without gloves for over 6 hours doing this.

If you dont have some old pillow, wrap a few towels around it and into the cooler, that will keep things hot for several hours. In the future, check out you local good will for some used pillows, they work great.
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I agree with MH and jim and I would foil everything but I would throw tha brisket into a dry cooler with some towels and let it sit. The butt I would keep on smokeing and let it go to about 200 for the pulling. Then when you are ready to eat the brisket shloud be just fine and hot too. So go smoke the things and enjoy the games too.
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I took them both out the smoker and wrapped them foil. I put the brisket in the cooler with a pillow on top and bottom (not my wife's good pillows...she definitely wouldn't like that!) and put the butt in the oven at 250. Hopefully the butt will get up to 200 relatively soon. But we have plenty of beer till then :)
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