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What's your favorite name for a BBQ Team?

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Hi Everyone,

I have to tell you that the creativity around BBQ team names is amazing. Last year, me and Mrs. Engineer were at the American Royal walking around, and taking in all of the sights, smells (and a few beers), and checking out some of the party's. Some of the names were hilarious, some were creative. Mrs. Engineer really liked IQUE...she told them that if she were on the team they would have to change it to Hi, IQUE!

I also like:
Hoggy Style
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Butts-N-Racks of course!!icon_mrgreen.gif
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How about High-QUE? PDT_Armataz_01_12.gif
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Hoggy Style is awesome...
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I like WE DID IT BBQ!, our team name.
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Mine is mine

I'm going to keep my own fav idea to my self for now but since you are the BBQ Engineer, I would Christen thee "CHOO CHOO BBQ!"
My father in law is a model train guy so thats where my mind went.

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Now that's good!

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My team name...TELL YOU WHAT! BBQ
"ASHkickin' Q"

Every time we DRINK...I mean, SMOKE... we start sentences with..."Tell you what..." or, "Lemme TELL YOU WHAT..."
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Just made this up.

Just made this one up but how about "Slap Yo Mamma BBQ"?

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How'z about "Rub My Butt" or "Smoke On The Water, And Fire In The Sky"" PDT_Armataz_01_36.gif
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I'm fond of Smokewood BBQ.

And it just so happens that the domain name is for sale right now - just PM me! icon_cool.gif
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I like the name pork pulling plowboys,,,, Has a ring to it,,,

Not sure what I would call one if I were doing it.
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See Card Below: LOL
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My brother's team is named "Bass 'Akard BBQ". Here are pics of his original smoker:

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