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Looking for a thermo

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I am trying to find a thermo that allows for minmum and maximum alarm.
IE set it up for the alarm to go off at 280 and 240 so I know the temp is running in the planned range...

Anyone where I can find something like that?
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Just got my Maverick ET-73.

It's pretty much the standard around here as far as I can tell. It is a remote dual temp therm, 1 for the chamber and 1 for the meat. The receiver travels with you up to 100', and has alarms for both meat and chamber temperature.
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I think the et73 from maverik can do that.
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Ok, Didn't realize it would do that.

Now to find the best price on one..
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That's where I linked. I may have got "Amazon's" last one as I just got it today, but the one I linked too is cheaper,but it will probably take a little more time to get to you.
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smoker thermometer

I have a redi check smoker thermometer. It has a probe for your meat and one for your smoker. It has hi / low alarms for both and best of all it has a wireless remote that will display both temps up to 100ft away.
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That is the Mav ET- 73.
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Actually, I think you'll find that it only has a high and low temp alarm on the smoker probe. Food probe is high temp alarm only.

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