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temp question

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how long should i hold summer sausage at 156 internal once it reaches that temp?
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All you should have to do is get it there. You want to pull it at 156 according to the directions I have on the sausage.
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yeah pull as soon as it reaches 156
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Pull it as soon as it reaches that temp and give a cold water shower or ice to stop the temp form rising once you pull it.......Good Luck
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I pull mine at 152*-154* never had a problem.
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Yep, what they all said!
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cold shower it

I think most call to shower it in cold water until the internal temp is around 100 or so. This stops the cooking process. Hang at room temp to bloom.

I did not understand what the heck bloom was but it does make sausage look good.
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Bloom is the colour that develops when beef is cut on the block. It is the combination of oxygen and hemoglobin that produces it.
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