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Rib Day

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Did some spare ribs taday, been awhile. Got em done despite a wicked headache. Ma sure enjoyed em fer supper.

Tossed some sausage in there ta smoke while I was at it.
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Dang Trav-Food looks great. I suffer from migraines so I feel for ya! Knee mail (prayers) sent up to help you get through this and feeling better soon!
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Those look delicious as usual, Tip.
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VERY nice Tip,I'm doing some ribs for my mom tomarrow, and I got the skull pains now also tongue.gif
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Those look great. Now how's about some details on how you make 'em and what you put on 'em?
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Smithfield Spares (all I use)
Citrus Rub
Smoked over Maple on Trident 1
4-1-.5 ta 1
Glaze 50% Melted non-salt butter, 50% honey
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Looks great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Well now thats a nice rack there tip. Even if you didn't get nun they look good.
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