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Tomorrows brisket today..

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So I was gettin the drum ready for the over night brisket. My wife decides to come out and get some Qview of her own while I was scooping out ashes. She said I either have my head in here or in my a.. icon_neutral.gif

More Qview to follow...

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Great pic. Tell your wife thanks for that one. You're wearing shorts! Man I'm jealous. It'll be 38* here tomorrow, might have to bust mine out.
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Yeah, looks like your wife and my wife think too much alike. Seems like mine is trying to be funny when: a) I least expect it, or b) when I ain't in the mood! (Grandkids don't call me "Grumpy" for nothing!!biggrin.gif)

Man I wish I was in Arizona. I have a good friend that lives just outside of Tempe and she is alway ragging on me about how warm she is when I'm up to my butt in snow.
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Yeah, it's tough shovelin sunshine... Gettin closer to zero hour..

The injection..

The rub..

The brisket...

Split and trimmed...

Rubbed and ready for action..
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That is a sweet lookin brisket! Keep the pics coming
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WOW 17# brisket!!
ain't never seen 1 split before, may have to try that sometime
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maby a new hallmark card?? or new theme for a T shirt??? points.gif
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Yeah, shoveling snow sure beats heck over shoveling crap that comes out of horses and cow critters. Been there and done it and wasn't even offered a dang tee-shirt!!!biggrin.gif BTW-I like your new avatar~

Buzz, when I ran the GOSM all the time, I'd have to split the brisky point from the flat just to be able to get it into the smoker. Splitting it first sure makes for doing burnt ends easier and quicker~you don't have to try and separate the two while the brisket is too hot to handle. PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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A big reason why I split this one... It was wider than my drum and higher than the lid! Smoking a split brisket is a ton easier anyhow..

I have the narra end of the flat on top of the narrow end of the point, kinda like it was originally, just turned 90 degrees to fit the drum. I'm gonna cook the flat to 160 or so then foil it... Let the cap go until the flat is 190 then pull the cap and chop/ burn the point.. never heard of burnt ends before but I shure have done it that way a few times.
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Did you drop a wing Pete. I like your brisket it looks good both pieces.
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Hmmmmm no pics or word for 10 hrs. now-sure hope all is well up there Pete.
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I hit the sack around 0100 with the drum humming around the 223 to 227 area, the meat had been foiled for a while. Got up a t 0400 and all was good, meat at 178 and smelling good. Took another nap and got up around 0730.. temp down to 180 in the drum! I fired up the GOSM and transferred over, we're back in buisness.. Upon further inspection, it looks like the drippings slowly killed my fire. I had quite a few unburnt briqs and the rest had been knocked down through the grate. Next time I'll get a foil roasting pan and cover that way.
I'll post up some pics when I remove it and x-fer to the cooler..
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I had to take the boy to karate just as the meat was hittin 190..UGHHH! So it had a a little extra time at 220. I booked it home and got it double wrapped and packed in a cooler in a hurry so no qview right now. Will take some pics when I get to my nephews and we slice it up..
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Ok here's a shot of the flat when I started to slice it. I lost all the juices but it is really tender. The leftovers I have will definately make the beakfast menu tomorrow..

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Great job on that hefer of a brisket! Your avatar is killing me, LMBO! points.gif
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The Ends..
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They look great, how did you like them/did they melt like butter in your mouth?
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yummmm-I'm so looking foward to mine tomarrow-great brisket smoke Pete. Points to u.
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Ohhhhh they are sooooooooooooo goooood!
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Okay Pit....another dumb question (sorry) Ends...heard about 'em, seen 'em, would love to try 'em.  Where do they come from?


I only see two ends of each part of your brisket, but that end pic shows 11 ends! Are you cutting corners (hope that doesn't come out wrong)


As I have mentioned before...I'm doing my first brisket very soon and I don't want to miss any of the goodness!


I live in Southern Virginia, but I am a national BBQ lover! I have also lived in New Mexico so grew to love the cow as well as the pig.


The bad thing is....after I hit 45 it all started to catch up with me! Dang! Ah well...I'll die happy and well fed.

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