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Smoky Buffalo wings

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So I did some smoked chicken wings the other day, and thought I would share. I have a full thread of the days events in the pork forum, but figured I'd split this out here.

Here are the chicken wings split with some rub on them:

I didn't get another pic until they had been fried, but here are they are - I fried for about 1 minute, just to crisp the skins a little:

and here they are all sauced up!

I made my sauce with hot sauce, butter, and honey, then I remembered reading somewhere (probably here) about people putting in a spoonful of grape jelly with the sauce, so I did that too. They came out too sweet for what I was looking for, but tasty anyways!

Thanks for checking out the Qview!
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that looks very good.

Did you reach the amount of crispiness you desired?

Just deep fry at 350ish for a minute or two?
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Those look great iSmoke!
Sometime try smoking the wings, let them sit in a hot sauce overnight and then fry them the next day, another delicious way of adding smokiness and flavor.
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Yeah, I did just about a minute and they were crispy enough, though next time I may stretch it to 2 just to see how that turns out.

That sounds great! I'll have to try that!
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Those wings look like they turned out great. I only use grape jelly in meatball sauce - but that is just me
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Oh man, those look good. You should have saved these for this months THROWDOWN!
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