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Lasagne Fatty With Q/View

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A week or so ago the wife decided to cook! Well she made her fabulous Lasagne and there were left-overs. I took a strip of the Lasagne and put it in a fatty and froze it. Well I couldn't sleep at night knowing that the fatty was in that dark cold freezer, I just had to take it out. Well here it is before the smoker. When it comes out of the smoker I will send the pics. Oh yea, I didn't use bacon cause the wife is fighting her cholesterol.

and here it is with some Magic Dust Rub on it headin to the smoker:

The finished product pics will be here in a couple of hours.

Stay Tuned!

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Now THAT is a genius idea!
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Wow -- what a great idea! Two of my favorite foods -- lasagna, and sausage! Great combo. Can't wait to see the finished product.
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Looks good. Here's a link to a Lasagna Fattie I did a while back.
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Now that is really original for sure. I would like to see the finish product sliced hint hint.
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The Results Are In: Q/View

Here's the results of the Lasagne Fatty.
It turned out really good. I think I should've added some Spagetti or Pizza sauce about 15 minutes before it was done though. I did miss the bacon on it too but I have to look out for wifey.

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So you served her a lasagna fatty. LOL. I think that might qualify as a "high cholesterol" meal.

Either looks awesome! The layers held together very well.
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Thanx Dude. Yea it did hold together really well. She just got a check up today and every looks great in that area. But she does upset me. She'll tell me that she has to watch what she eats and the next sentence she's coming up with ideas for me for smokin different types of pork. Oh well.
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That looks awesome, PDT_Armataz_01_37.gifgoing to give that a try wife is making lasagne for super bowl.
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That looks fantastic Ray, the wife sure knows how to make a great looking lasagna and you took it to a whole new wonderful level!
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That's got to be a creation for the lasagna gods.
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WOW...I've never seen a lasagna fatty!!! That's a great idea! I bet its good stuff!
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