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hat to use for injecting a brisket ?

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What do you use to inject a brisket with ? I have never done one and am thinking of trying it . Mine have NEVER needed any more flavor but I am willing to try .
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Do you mean tools?

Or flavours?

I would guess you inject with what ever marinade you might use. Dr Pepper one comes to mind.

Or a mixture of apple juice (your mop even) + some of your rub?
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Keep it simple to start with. Beef broth, usually low sodium or homemade, maybe some rub mixed with it, worchestershire sauce. Mess around with it, just try not to get too salty.....seems like a salty injection really gets intense when it cooks.

For moisture and tenderness the Butcher's injection is tough to beat IMO
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My FAVORITE injection for brisket is some Tender Quick, garlic, pepper, brown sugar,...pastrami!

Since we aren't talking pastrami then with a brisket there are so many things you can inject into it.
Some beef broth with garlic and hot pepper
Honey with a little water (nice sweet natural flavor)
Italian dressing with extra garlic (strained)
never tried hot sauce but could be good
chipotle (because it makes everything better)

I bet ShooterRick's injection would be good in a brisket, gotta try that.
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funny you post this. I am going to try marinating and injecting a brisket for the first time this weekend.

2 Cups beef broth
1/4 cup worcestershire
1tsp onion powder
1 tsp garlic powder
1/2 tsp cayenne

12oz beer
2 tbs rub
1/2 cup cider vinegar
1 medium onion chopped
2 chipotle peppers chopped
1/2 cup canola oil
2 tbs adobo sauce

Thats my gameplan... My briskets always turn out great without injecting or marinating but I thought I would try to step things up a notch. Good Luck with your smoke!
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Well, I just use whatever hat happens to be on top of my balding head at the time, but lately it's been a black and grey UofU ball cap. icon_mrgreen.gif

As for the brisket, I just go with a simple rub of kosher salt and fresh CBP. Sometimes I'll just use some Monteral Steak seasoning as it has some other good spices in it.

I've only injected one brisket flat only because it had no fat on it at all. Aftering injecting it with some low sodium beef broth, I laid out some really fatty bacon strips over the top so it wouldn't dry out too much while in the smoker.
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Only done a few briskets in my smoking career, but the best of the bunch was a CAB brisket injected with some Butchers. OMG! Fabulous!
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BOTH ~ thanks
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I have a couple of injector's that I can use I just haven't injected one yet. But I do have one going on the barbie this weekend.
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david, at IS the man. his products are the real deal,and you buy his injection mix he might give you a injector also. his rubs are awesome too.
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Multiple side discharge pump.

Meat pump information
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I like to use,
2 C beef broth
2T coffee (grounds,fresh)
2T worchy
Boil and let set abit

This has worked well, some times add rub or cheery juice,or what ever tickles ya at the time. Try differnt thing, you may me suprized what you can come up with.
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Well it appears a couple of us all had the same thing on our minds. I'm making an injection/marinade to do the same thing right now. I used:
1/2c Worcestershire sauce
1/4c Soy sauce
head of garlic
1 medium onion
12 - 16 oz Sam Adams Winter Lager
no hard measures:
kosher salt
3 or so tbspn brown sugar

I sauteed the onions and garlic in a good hunk of butter then added the liquids and I am simmering it right now to release the flavors. I'll inject and marinade my 7lb flat tonight, rinse and dry it, and rub it tomorrow and then it goes on the smoke Sunday. I'll have a post up then.
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This time a the year nothin but a heavy stockin hat an the hood a the carhart.

As fer a injection:

beef broth
brown sugar
bit of kosher salt
strong coffee
some rub
a dash a louisana hot sauce
maybe a shot a whiskey
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THis is my injector of choice.

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I did one last weekend and used 1 can of Swansons beef broth with just a little bit of rub in it. My next try is probably going to add some apple juice.
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