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Habanero bloody mary mix!!!
Wow, you are a bold man PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
Very nice!
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Oh man, that is one bee-you-tiful bloody mary, my friend! WOW! Gots to try that one myself........mmm. No better way than to ride out a stall, that's for sure!
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hey i live in kansas city and thats what it looks like here also
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Well what I thought was the stall at 139......wasn't it. I have been sitting at 148 to 150 for going n 4 hours now. You gotta be kidding me???? I keep spritzing and am keeping the heat around 250 but no budge. It actually will drop a degree or two. I am determined to the follow the sage wisdom of waiting it out. Going to be a looooong night...PDT_Armataz_01_01.gif
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So there you have it! My stalls have always happened at 150 to 155 degrees. Hang on tight, you'll be okay, just don't do anything drastic. Ride that baby out and you'll be good to go. Have another Bakon-Mary! PDT_Armataz_01_12.gif

Long night it may be, but great meat is there to be had, my friend!
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Sorry to hear about the bad stall, you have to be through it or very, very close by now!
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hope its still going good it has been fun to watch
look forward to the finished product
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I did my best beleive me. Never came out of the stall. I even went out and pulled the thermo to make sure it was functioning. As soon as I pulled it the reading dropped so that told me it was working. The internal temp never went over 151 icon_confused.gif I finally had to pull it at about the 13 hour mark at 151. I knew something was not right. I foiled it and wrapped it in towels and let it rest for over an hour.
Flavor was a 10. Excellent flavor. But it was TOUGH mad.gif Hard to slice even. I knew it as soon as the knife hit the meat. I had to saw through it.
It was so well done you could hardly see the smoke ring but it was there.
The outside had a fantastic bark and the rub and spritzing left a great flavor so I hit the mark there.

Really confused as to what happened on the temp side?
Oh well, I will try again icon_smile.gif Sorry no pics of the final dissapointment.

Today we are having a huge fish fry. Crappies. My son has been laid off from his job so he has been ice fishing all week. We have an abundance of crappie. Have to get my cast iron fry pan out. Perhaps some qview of that will be posted. My son will do the cooking today after my marathon brisket cook yesterday it's his turn to cook tongue.gif
Thanks to all for the advice and encouragement on the brisket. Just didn't turn out this time. But I will not be discouraged. There will be another attempt down that long q road.icon_smile.gif
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Wow, that is crazy! Sorry to hear about your results, I know you put in so much time and effort into doing everythign right, and I haven't the slightest idea what could have caused that.

Anyone else have thoughts or ideas on what happened?
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I can't imagine why it would be at such a low temp after 13 hours of cooking, hope you didn't toss the meat because you can always add it to a chili or stew.
If you do ever have this problem happen again I would say just toss it in the oven and finish it that way, sure beats sitting in a stall and never coming out after that long.
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