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Just got my brisket home with a view...

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Well here it is my first brisket. Just picked it up a hour ago. Don't have time to take it out of the cyro as I have to head off to work soon. When I get home tonight it will get trimmed if I think it needs it and slathered and rubbed up for tomorrows smoke. Being this is my first one I don't know what I'm looking at. tongue.gif Any comments are most welcome.

Fat cap:

Flip side:

I will post qview as I go along. Unless the end result is to embarassing of couse. icon_redface.gif

Well Here it is out of the cryo. I didn't trim or seperate the point because to be honest I didn't know where to start. icon_confused.gif I rubbed it down with the brisket rub of choice and plastic wrap over night. Early tomorrow morning I plan to sather and add more rub before it hits the smoker. The only place I could see trying to trim is I could have shaved the fat cap down some off the top. But as the fat cap tapered towards the side of the brisket it started to thin rather quickly so I just decided to leave the entire thing on as a bit of insurance against heat spike.

Other than the fat cap shown in the pic above there wasn't a whole lot of fat.

So tomorrow the plan is once the slather and rub is applied I will position the brisket with the fat cap facing the firebox end and the thinest portion of the flat towards the exhaust end of my snp. I plan to spray during the smoke every hour or so depending on temps. I plan on running the smoker between 240 and 260.

Once cooked will the point more or less seperate itself from the flat? I couldn't really see a definite seperation of the two as it is. I would have had no idea where to make the cut. Any tips on this would be appreciated.
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Looks great, cant wait to see it finished.
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Good luck with this smoke. Think positive!
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Good luck and give us the step by step. I am getting ready to try my first brisket soon.
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Personally I always trim my briskets down to about 1/4"-1/8" fat on the top and that knob (not sure what it is called exactly) on the bottom, that big piece of fat, be sure to remove that piece.
Also if removing the point from the flat it can be a little difficult when starting out with brisket but you can pretty easily follow the line of fat that connects them, if you choose to remove after smoking your knife will pretty much slide through the fat like butter, no kidding-just slides right on through, it's a beautiful thing.
Good luck!
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Bump for the update.. I thought editing the original post would bump it but guess not.
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Your brisket is good looking and it sounds like you have a good plan so Go For It and don't forget the Qview.
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Good luck with the smoke! Keep us posted.
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Hi Keith,

Looks like you have a great start so far and doing it just fine. No worries on separating he point and flat during smoking, the first half dozen I made I never separated either. They will separate just fine once smoked and the shape and grain of the cooked meat will guide you in the separation much better than when raw.

Here's a link with a tutorial that's a great resource in teaching how to separate the point and flat when raw:


Good plan on the meat location and direction; I'd recommend you wait about 4 hours before you start to do any spritzing. Your rub will take care of the brisket and everything easily during that time.

Congratulations on your smoke today and we are really looking forward to your success! If you have any questions during the smoke, just shoot over a PM or post, be glad to help out.
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wow looks like its going to be a good day for brisketsPDT_Armataz_01_12.gif
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Well so far so good I think. Been on for nearly 4 hours now and internal temp is reading 111. Seems a little fast to me. The smoker has been running around 240 average I would say. I have spritzed it once with the mop recipe that was listed in Pauls post.
But I am waiting for the big stall.
Thanks for all the tips Rivet I certainly appreciate it.
Next time I open to spritz I will take a pic and post qview...
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hey keith - looking great! don't worry, you've got all day to cook that brisket. i am guessing that once you hit the stall, your times will start to average out as the collagen and connective tissues melt and beak down. everything should be good and your cooking temepratures are right on!

points for taking on your first brisket in mid-winter!points.gif
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I agree, once you hit that stall things will definitely not be moving along that quickly.
Good luck with the brisket, looking forward to it!
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Here it is after 5 hours. Internal temp 125 smoker was at 238. It is 25 degrees outside at the moment which is a heat wave for us. Supposed to hit upper 30's but I don't think we will see that today. No wind so keeping temps up in the snp is no problem thanks again to the mods from Rivet.
You are going to love that manifold Ron. Have you tried your preburn yet?
On to the qview.

Using red oak for main heat source and smoke. Cherry wood for flavor smoke and a little lump thrown in to keep things burning smoothly.
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today's the day for the pre-burn, keith! setting it up right now and will report. my manifold is of slghtly different design, and with a little surprise that i think is really going to come in handy in our northern latitude which, as you know, can really take the fun out of barbecue. i'll start a new thread later today with some pictures and explanations.

keep up the great work on the brisket - it's looking perfect!
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You got one beautiful brisket going on ther Kieth! Keep up the good work and your spritz's every now and then- it's looking nice and moist so far, too. That cherry wood is going to give you some impressive color, so make sure you get a pic to share with all of us here. Hang in there, and keep smokin'!
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Here it is just after spritzing at nearly the 8 hour mark:

I think I am nearing the stall has taken a long time to get to 139. Things are definetly slowing down:

This is the scene of (hopefully not) the crime:

Next pics will be of the slicing ceremony or the surrender ceremony who knows. I have not flipped, rotated or otherwise molested this brisket other than spritzing every hour or so.
Going to be a long night I beleive. tongue.gif
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Hey, you're looking real good there. Temps look to be approaching stall zone, no worries. There is no such thing as a fixed stall temp....meat stalls when it stalls. It may take up to 3 hours for a full packer, but probably less, so don't worry.

You might see temps drop, just spritz it and cover it and let it be. Once you clear the stall, the temp will rise fairly quickly and you'll get to 180 pretty fast- meaning about two hours even, so stay with it.

All that snow looks to be a great windblock and great insulation for your smoker, so there is no crime scene to be had! tongue.gif
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A little something to wait out the stall:

Mmmm. it is good! PDT_Armataz_01_12.gif

Thanks Rivet and thanks everyone for all the tips and encouragement!! icon_smile.gif
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that's the way to enjoy abrisket stall, keith - i imagine it might also make a nice baste or mop!

if yo're looking for some reaidng while you wait, here's a write-up on the manifold pre--burn, as promised!

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