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had to throw ya some points there. i raise them. i loved my first smoked rabbit. i smoked it whole like a laid out hog with rub. it was good eats.
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Poor little bunny.

Boy that looks great. All we ever did was make rabbit pies out of them!PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif

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Thanks Big Game Cook and Bearcarver, it is really good, i think that rabbit holds the smoke flavor very well. i just purchased a upright CharBroil propane smoker, i havent put it together yet, its still in the box, and i cant wait to smoke the rest of the rabbit we got this season. I wish it didnt take some much time to prep and smoke, i just want to eat it now. lol. Thanks guys!
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Damn looks great never had rabbit but i plan on it.
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I wish we still had enough rabbits around here to hunt. This part of Illinois just hasn't got the population of rabbits that it used to. I haven't been rabbit or pheasant hunting since the early 90's.
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I don't think I could have waited a day

Those look great great explanation of the backstrap and the qtr's
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what part do you live in. im just south of bloomington illinois and theres 5 rabbits to every yard here in town even lol.
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Do you know where Kankakee is? I'm about 10 miles south of there = Chebanse. That puts me about smack between Chicago and Champaign right on 57.
There are some in town here too, but I don't have one of those silent pellet guns (yet).
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