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MY new WSM

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Well I just got a big surprise. I ordered a WSM on Wednesday and it arrived today. This is better than Christmas morning for me. I going to put her together tonight, play with it tomorrow, and cook on Sunday. I may even take a family picture and put her in the family photo album.
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congrats, youll love the WSM.
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Congrats :)
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Nice! What's cooking? icon_smile.gif
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Thanks everyone for the congrats. I am having a major problem right now. I am not cooking anything yet, but just getting use to the WSM. My problem is temp. It is at 313. Conditions are cloudy and around 35 degrees with a wind. I am blocking the WSM with two pieces of old countertop to block the wind. I lit about a half chimney of Stubbs (not a weber chimney but the smaller ones). I only used half bag of unlit coals. I got the temp up to 220 and closed all the vents. It is holding now at 313. Help
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Unless you have have a problem with the door not closing correctly, or the pieces not fitting together snug, you just need to sit tight and it will fall.

You can take some of the lit coals out if it is really bugging you, but I would just sit tight and let it fall.
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Sounds like ya used to much lit fuel to start. When I use bricks I start out with 10 to 15 (on cold days). You have to catch it on the way up, close the vents down when it hits the 200° mark. Also try and use a digital therm as they change with the temp at start up better than the therm on the lid.
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It has been holding steady at 313 for about 1/2 hour now. I did not realize how cheap the door is made. It does not seem to create a good seam. Do you know of any mods for the door?
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I failed to mention that I have a Maverick digital therm on in the Smoker. I guess I will have to play some more tomorrow.
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Full water pan?
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Mine is completely sealed. Couldn't use it if I wanted to.
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If you have gaps, door or anywhere else, jam some foil in there. Works great for a quick plug that won't go to crap with heat.
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There's an upgraded door at Cajunbandit.
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Sounds like you're getting plenty of advice. Congrats on the new family member.
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Are you sure about the thermometer and its placement?

Close all 3 bottom vents and let it settle back down. Usually temp changes with the vents take about 10-15 to take effect.

Windshield = Good
Waterpan full?

I think it was already mentioned, but once you start creeping up on 200, close the vents to 1/3 the way.

My WSM runs stock (door), pretty much with 1-2 mm vent openings. Dont worry it takes a bit of practise, but soon you'll learn how to dial the WSM in to almost any temp you want.

Open to raise temp
Close vetns to cool
Then you'll have your "Steady" vent setting to hold temps

EDIt: Also the first few times I ran my new WSM, especially with Lump, it ran hot (260) and I had problems getting it down. After more uses it seemed to "break in" and works perfect now.
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Congrats on the new smoker. It's the small things/bugs that can be worked out.
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Great choice, WSM is a reliable smoker that can deliver consistent high quality Q. ENJOY!
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Thanks everyone for the replies. I think I was to excited about getting her set up, that I forgot to fill the waterpan. I am going to run her again for a few hours tomorrow and then do some chicken on Sunday. I just need some time to learn the ins and outs.
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Yep, the excitement of the moment will make you forget the simplest of things. Follow the advice that has already been given, fill the water pan and give it another go!

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