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Welcome to the SMF . Glad you could join us.
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Welcome to the forums!
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Thanks for the replies. I'm from Greeley (N of denver about 40 minutes).

sorry for the late reply, I didn't know that his message board doesn't auto-subscribe you to threads you start!
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Welcome to SMF!
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Welcome. THere are a couple of us in Frederick on here as well. Lots of CO people I guess.
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Welcome to the SMF, friendly folks who enjoy sharing good times.
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I was just in Fredrick a couple months ago. Where is a good place to get wood up here? I've gotten some oak in bulk, and hickory chunks are good to find, but I'd like to get some fruit wood.
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Haven't found anywhere here. There's a place in Longmont that has a decent selection. (Mountain Mist Bath and Spa)

My favorite store is :

It's a bit of a drive (not too bad though) and you can get logs, vs just chips like most places. They have a great selection as well.
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THanks for the link, I'll check them out next time i'm in Denver.
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to the best place on the web dedicated to smoking meat. Hope you like it here. Learn lots, then help others. That's what we're all about here.
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