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First smoker/smoke w/ Qview

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My brother got me a propane Smoke Hollow smoker for Christmas, and I've tried it out w/ chicken first (figured if I screwed up it'd be cheaper!).

First smoke

First bird was a beer-can chicken. Kids voted for no beer the next time!

Second bird after watching a YouTube video on how to cut up a bird!

Yummy stuff. Both smoked over hickory w/ only olive oil, salt and pepper.

I've got some spare ribs to do this weekend!

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Looks Great...
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Whether it was your first or 100th they both look great.points.gif
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Nice work....
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Nice looking birds......We know now what you smoked and with what about the temp. and length of time (also size of birds) you smoked them......

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Yes your food looks awesome and you should be really proud.points.gif
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Good lookin burds.........Look at the juices running out..Those deffinantly were not dry
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Awesome, making me hungry :)
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Man looked cold where those birds got smoked! But the birds sure came out looking like they should look after a proper smoke... Nice job, thanks for the pics...
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Looking good, brother!
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First bird I had some temp issues. Low of 200 (for a short period) and high of about 320. Cooked a few hrs (2 1/2? 3?) Temp was low, I should have cooked it longer. This one was just under 5 pounds. It was in the teen's when I smoked this one. Not to pleasant to be outside monitoring the temp!

Second bird the temp held pretty well at 275, started about 3:30 or so, and we were at the dinner table by 6:30. I got to try my new remote thermometer out. Pulled the bird at about 175 in the breast. It was in the low 30's yesterday when I started, we're going through a thaw that started yesterday.

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