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smoker help.

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My wife just bought me a smoker, NICE but i dont know what shelf to put the meat on . it has 3 layers. what is the best shelf
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what kind of smoker.....i'm guessing a vert
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We need to know the kind of smoker you have before we can help you. There should be a manual that came with the smoker too, that should help.

BTW--Nice wife, to buy you a smoker! Does she have a sister?
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its a perfect flame , propane. vert. and three shelves
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I put the meat on the middle grate and then you can put your thermo meter on the top grate and you will know what temp your meat is at. The only thing you really need to watch is poultry goes on the bottom ALWAYS no if ands or butt.
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i have the same one.....i like the 2nd from the top if nothing else is in it and like mballi said, always put chix on underneath other meats.
also take a look at some of my mods:

bricks in the chip pan, made a chacoal/wood pan, use larger disposable foil waterpan

made a smoke stack for better draw
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Why the bricks? and also i have tryed to find, smokeing wood. all i could find is the small shreaded type at walmart. what do you recommend? walmart has different flavors but its small chips. thanks for the help guys.
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I can't tell from your profile where you're writing from but you could try the doitbest web site. They sell chips, chunks, sticks, and logs online - you just pick it up at their nearest affiliate. You'll need to do a zip code search to see it it's even feasible. Hat Tip to Grampyskids for the doitbest web site.
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Yea I usually put my meat on the middle rack unless I am doing a full load.
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I too would go with the middle one
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the bricks at as a heat sink, as for the wood, try a bbq store or fire wood place....and only use fruit/hardwood.
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