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First Smoke is in progress

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So I FINALLY got in a Brinkmann Gourmet ECB that wasn't bent to H E double hockey sticks on Monday. Let me just say the temptation to skip work of the days to play with my new toy was tough. Finally made it to the end of my work week last night. This morning I woke up and was on mission. Went out and hunted down some baby back ribs and lump charcoal.

Put the ECB together...*Scratches Head* I have a lot of spare parts...oops.

Get the fire lit, and season the ribs up. I took the 5 day course and learned that mustard helps keep the rub sticking to the meat. So I coat the meat with mustard and pour on my rub.

Currently the smoker is sitting at 247 degrees, and I am close to 2 hrs into the smoke. At the 1.5 hr mark I sprayed on some Apple Juice.

Everything seems to be going too smoothly..these things dont happen for me. Wish me Luck I still have quite a bit left to cook on them

About the ribs. I went to the local butcher, each rack is a little over 3lbs. Very nice marble to the meat. Also, I did remove the skin from the bone side. I will check the meats temp here in a few.

I will try and update with Pictures later if I get a chance.

Thank you goes out to all the members on the board. I must say it was good to read posts on here for a few weeks, and take the 5 day course before getting a chance to smoke. I feel like I have a good knowledge base. Again thank you everyone.

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Sounds like you're off to a great start! Thanks for the update, and be sure to post us some Qview! Good luck!
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Good for you for getting it going!!

Now get that camera out and show us what your smokin!!
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Congrats on the new smoker. Yes, it's mandatory that you take pics and post them here.biggrin.gif
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extra parts........meh! you said they were extra.........
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You seasoned the ribs,how bout the ECB?and ya - what kinda extra parts?
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Yes sir your moving right along but we need the Qview cause:
We are the Kids and You Have The Candy
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How are the ribs coming along?
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They must have left a generous amount of loin meat on them... Can't wait to see the view
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Coingrats on your first smoke, but as said we need qview as we don't have smell a forum. icon_smile.gif
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Coingrats on your first smoke, in your new smoker...PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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First smoke turned out pretty good, I do have some pics, but the quality is low due to only having my camera phone. I am going to up load the pics here in a few. I had to sneak away from the wife for a few to get on here.

Overall the ribs were tasty. Not as fall off the bone as I would have liked. Plenty moist. I pulled them off at 170, and just let them set for a few before digging in. The rub needs some tweaking, but it was by far better then anything I have had from BBQ places around here. The seasoning didn't crust quite the way I would have liked. I am not sure if it was too much rub, or too much mustard. I already have my 2nd smoke planned for Monday, thinking chicken.

Oh..and season a smoker? Ehhh I guess I skipped that step icon_neutral.gif

So the ECB ran between 230-250 for 5+ hrs. That is with zero mods. I do understand a little better why people mod these, and will be doing some in the near future.

Qview to come. I promise!

The extra parts were nuts, bolts, and some brackets. Mehhh it didn't call apart.
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Qview. Sorry the quality is low. Will try to get better pics next time

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If you like the meat to fall off the bone, you are gonna wanna wrap the ribs in some foil.. There's the 3-2-1 method that will get you in that direction.
I use a good amount of turbinado sugar for my back ribs for that sweet crust and I usually rub them the night prior to smoking.
The temp seems good to me although i don't have the same smoker. Ribs can go anywhere from 220 to 250 on the heat.
I don't bother with the temp of the meat, just the smell coming out of the smoker and maybe a peek when they should be done...
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looks like a ood job to me.....................I always have parts left over..
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