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Look at the cryovac, it will be stamped choice or select. Chances are al the mega mart stores get their beef and meat from the same distributor.
I look for price. Unless I'm home alone eating steak!
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I hardly ever fine full packers there. But I do get alot of packers from sams now days. At an pretty good price too.
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The grocery section here in Salisbury is supposed to have prices beat ,as compared to the main competition in the grocery bussiness around here.
Just ain't so. I always get better deals on MOST things every where
else. BUTT ! Wally World is the only place I have found brisket that
ain't been cured. They are the only source I got for packers.
The first one I got was nothin but fat almost. I ran into a mexican buddy there and he told me to grab it by the middle and give it a shake.
The leaner ones will be more ''limp'' and the fatty ones will be stiffer.
[Fat being harder when cold as opposed to lean meat] [ I had it backerds] It works pretty well. On the other hand sometimes I get the fatter ones and save most of the fat to grind with venison for 'burgers'.
I really don't care for Walmart but I have to take advantage of the best
prices as long as the mileage don't eat up the savings.. Hemi..PDT_Armataz_01_05.gif
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If any of you folks are members at
Restaurant Depot, packers are $1.75 all month long.
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i get mine fron there and turned out just fine
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I'm a bit ashamed to admit this, and at the same time hope none of the locals are reading", but I go to Walmart almost every day over lunch. I check the dates of the packers and can pretty much tell when they are getting ready to mark one down. I typically get them around $1.29 a pound and have paid less than a $1 a pound. They are older and/or have a cracked cryo. I know it's shameful, but I'm a cheap cook.

When I'm asked to cook for family and can't play the wallyworld game, I've bought the angus packers from Sams. I will admit that the marbling is more uniform and the point has more edible meat, for the most part there's not a lot of difference.

You have to remember, brisket is one of those things that put BBQ on the map. It's such a poor cut of meat that low and slow is the only thing that can make it edit. Either way the flavor is there, so it really doesn't matter where you bought it. That is, at least for the ordinary farm grown cow. This is of course excluding Wagyu and the like. But as Alton Brown would say, "that's a whole other show".
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Wold be nice to have one close by.
Closest one to me is around an hour drive further up North.
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Ive worked at Sams clubs meat dept for about two years when I was in college. I am far from an expert in anything but ask far as briskets go there is not much difference between USDA Choice and Select.
When meat is graded its done between the 12th and 13th rib in the ribeye and the marbling in the ribeye is does not have that much impact in the brisket. Ive cut a lot of briskets that where all called choice and they where all over the board as far as marbling, color and texture.
In my case when selecting briskets first is about price(try to catchem on sale or buy a case), then the amount of fat across the back of the point and down in the flat( the more fat=more money you pay for something that will end up at the bottom of your smoker) lastly i look down from the point into the flat to make sure the flat is as thick you can all the way to the end. to keep the slices as uniform as you can get them.

just my .02cents worth
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They tend to be a little dryer than higher quality brisket, but you should be fine if you wrap in foil. With brisket, it's not really about the marbling, it's about melting the callogen. Marbling is good for cuts of meat where you're not going to cook the snot out of it, and you're probably going to cook the snot out of any brisket.
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Packers at Wally World on friday were $1.89/lb...not a bad price, but they just didn't look that good...seemed to be more fat than meat. I really wanted to do a brisket this weekend, but ended up with a turkey, a pork butt, 2 blocks of cheese, a couple lbs of jalepenos, cream cheese, and a sack of pablanos...then it started to rain and hasn't let up! the butt was injected and soaked friday night, packed on the rub saturday and will get smoked on monday. planning on some ABT's as well and going to smoke my first cheese. my official QVIEW cam's batteries are on charge, so all is ready!
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