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7.75 lb. cross rib chuck roast w/3-4-5-6 marinade

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3-4-5-6 marinade for cross rib Chuck Roast

3 tablespoons Lee & Perrins Worcestershire sauce
4 bottles of light beer (2 Bud lites & 2 Bud lites lime)
5 tablespoons Mad Hunky general rub
6 fresh squeezed limes
7.75 lb. chuck cross rib roast
Mix dry rub with beers before putting into pan.

At 7.75 pounds, this is the largest chuck I’ve ever smoked. I hope it smokes without too much of a stall; I’m in between this morning’s storm and one on the horizon. I put the roast in a disposable pan and added the marinade. I then let the foiled pan sit for 12 hours in the fridge, and then I turned the roast over for equal exposure to the marinade. Total time in marinade was 24 hours.

I set the GOSM at 225° using mesquite chunks, and I gave this steroid roast 4 1`/2 hours before I inserted the meat probe into the thickest section. At which time it read 148°. I continued smoking until internal temp hit 153°, and then removed the roast from the smoker. I didn’t foil it, letting it cool naturally.

The flavor was robust, and the rub complimented the roast. Please forgive the pics, I’m not used to shooting in the dark... with a camera. Texture was tender, and the meat was moist with a beer back flavor. Thanks for checking out today’s Q and tonight’s dinner.

AMF (Adios my friend)
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Man, Rich that looks and sounds good.points.gif

Nothing wrong with the pics either.
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Looks good Rich PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif

Im waiting for those storms to roll into nor cal also.
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Wow excellent job, that had to be good PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Nothing more to say.
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That's a big ol chuck roast for sure. I'm curious, did you like the medium cook and sliced? OR if you had a do-over would you cook to a pulling temp? Why?

either way looks like a great smoke!
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That's one great looking roast, Rich! Sounds like you found a winner with that marinade.
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Now that looks awesome. Nice job...points.gif
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