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Nothing wrong with that rig. Looks like it did a mighty find job!
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That's a serious smoke ring. PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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I always say it is not the smoker but the pitmaster that makes good Q. Everyone is master of there own pit awards or not. If the folks at home like it then YOU are a master!
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It doesn't matter if you use a light bulb, pie tin, and a cardboard box to me. If you turn out good food you done it right. Nice job!
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Looks Great...PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Your food looks great to me. It doesn't really make a hill of beans what your smoker looks like it matters what comes off of it. Like laurel (sumosmoke) said you can have the biggest prettiest badest smoker out there but if you don't know how to use it you will serve black or raw meat.
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Actually, I think I saw Alton Brown do something like that once.
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Hey, thanks alot guys. We're going to try some ribs on the poor folk smoker this week sometime.
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A bit late but i think it is great,,, Keep up the good work ,,, and a matter of fact,, got to a competition beat the socks off of the folks with 100k rigs and I will buty ya a case of beer,,,, HEck come by I will give ya one tonught,,,, LOL Looks good to me
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At some point you had to have afforded that grill.. that is a sizeable expense.. not necessarily a 'poor folk' classification. And, a piece of brisket isn't cheap either, now you're going to do ribs, another pricey cut. I bet you got running water, too, and one of them damnfangled TV things with an out-doors antenny, or even pay out good hard earned money for cable. Who you kiddin' with 'poor-folk' talk? You drive a new truck, too? (1985 or newer?!)... and have indoor plumbin'? (If ya do, hijack the outhouse fer a smokehouse, you already got the pit dug!). I'll even bet y'all got neighbors to steal from too!


Seriously, great job on the brisket, the destination is what counts, not the journey! Enjoy your hard work!
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That's awsome, it reminds me when me and my wife first got married we did the same thing. great job on the beef.
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Grill was picked up off the side of the road in someone's junk pile to originally be scrapped. Some people's trash are other peoples treasures.

Brisket we picked up from the local grocery store (publix) for $7.50.

Poor folk smoker. Didn't say poor folk lifestyle. icon_mrgreen.gif
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