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Poor folk smoker//Brisket dinner

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Let me first start off by saying this all might seem obscene to most of you pro's on here (and I'm aware of that) but I'm sure you would enjoy the story and appreciate the work nonetheless icon_mrgreen.gif

We don't have what you would call or even consider the "industry standard" of a smoker. This a poor folk smoker by ALL means lol. It all started with this.....


After a good overnight marinade, off the shelf rub applied, and the poor folk smoker modified, the small 2lb brisket hit the poor folk smoker for the day.

After it was all said and done this was my share of the poor folk smoker smoked Brisket....

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Doesn't matter what your rig looks like, from the smoke ring on that briskey it looks like you did a might fine job! You can have a rig that is worth hundreds to thousands of dollars but if ya don't know how to use it ...

Nice work!
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Nice points.gif

If it makes heat and smoke then it's a smoker to me. and that is a very nice smoke ring
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-Creole butter
-Garlic Salt
-Black pepper

-McCormick Grill Mates Steak rub
-Special oil

-Kingsford Briquettes
-Water soaked hickory chips
-Bowl of water with a hint of the steak rub for a little steam

Anyone wanting the specs on the poor folk smoker you let me know lol
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lol. hey thank's guy. we get r done with what we can.

I have plan's I've drawn for the smoker I am going to make but that it is a discussion for another thread.
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Looks like it turned out great. You got a nice ring. How was the taste?

Don't knock your smoker. If it works it works.
"That woman was sexy...Out of your league? Son. Let women figure out why they won't screw you, don't do it for them."
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nice job!!
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Amazing. Not to tender, not to tough, just right. Nice and moist too. Full of flavor. I guess that coming from me that review may be a little biased coming from me though. lol
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Thank's guys for the compliments. I was interested in seeing what you guys thought.
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Looks like it does the job and thats all that matters. I'd take good tasting Q on a ugly ass smoker over average Q on a fancy dancy smoker. Job Well Done!
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I think smoked brisket acctually originated from poor folks. It was a cheap cut of meat given to slaves because it was tough and the rich folk couldn't figure out how to cook it. I must say it looks like you have masterd the brisket. Nice smoke ring and it looks tender and juicey. Great job
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That is a good looking smoke. Did it live up to your taste expectation?
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It exceeded it (not to brag or anything, just telling you my opinion) :)
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Thank's for all the compliment's guys. Gonna see how a rib smokin goes with the poor folk smoker next.
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your brisket looks really good and as many have said, its not the equipment but how you use it! My first "smoker" was some crusty concrete blocks I found and a big piece of chicken wire...we still talk about that first butt; I have a pic somewhere! keep up the good work and keep the qview coming!
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If a Ford Pinto gets me to work, the job is done. Nice looking brisket. points.gif
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ok dumb question here, but did you use the gas or did you end up using wood?
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Briquets for the main heat source. We let hickory chips sit in water a few minutes before spreading them across the smoldering briquets. No gas.
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Looks Great, it has an awesome smoke ring and looks extremely juicy... PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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