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"Say Hello to my NB little friend"

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My 4th New Braunfels... Welcome to the family!!!

Very Heavy and thick steel... one of the original models I presume?

I'll be doing some nice MODS to it once the weather warms a bit....

Anyone know it's name???
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Congrats, Eagle! That's a good looin' rig. I'm not positive, but it looks like an older Hondo model. I've got a newer NB Hondo Deluxe (about 2 1/2 years old). Mine has a slightly different shape (kinda oval) than the original Hondo, plus yours is made of heavier gauge steel. Personally, I'd rather have the older models. Yours appears to be in great shape. Nice Find!PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Hello Little Friend. PDT_Armataz_01_12.gif
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You mean somebody was throwing that away. Well one man's trash is another man's treasure for sure. Let me think of it's name "MINE"
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Somebody is living right for sure. The karma has come back to you.PDT_Armataz_01_28.gif
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I got it off one of my customers... was installing a patio door and it was sitting on his deck. "I never use that dam thing", he said.

EW: "what do you want for me to take that puppy off your hands?"

Customer: "I dunno, was gonna put it on CR for about $75"

EW: "I'll take $60 off your invoice for the job"

Customer: "Take it!!!"

EW: "RGR THAT!!!!!, Jim, grab the other end and don't drop it!! Head to the truck."

Later that day:

Therapist: "EW, another one?? I think you might actually have a problem. I heard you drove all the way to Nashville and back to buy one. I'm gonna perspective this medication to...."

EW: "WOA WOA, ... gimme my money back I'm outa here!!!"
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thats a nice one for sure looks just like mine. mine has a sticker instead of the texas shaped logo. mine came up from texas and i bought it off a guy who bought it off the guy from texas. i don't know if mine is an original or not but man its heavy, alot heavier than whats being made nowdays. great score
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heres a picture of mine notice the sticker instead of the texas shaped logo, don't know what it means but be interested if anyone knows the difference, not to hijack your post

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That looks like a RedRiver:

I know it looks different,but I have reversed the flow in it(notice the stack).

A look at my baffel (one piece). I have a template of it if you want to try it;Does a great job. I need to get some new therms. ,but my probes do good for now.

I use it when I have too much for 'FLO'-

Contact me if you need any help.Glad someone else finally found one of the originals.It's got to be 30yrs. old or more. I've had mine sandblasted and painted twice. A beautiful addition to your arsenal!PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif

I'll take it apart and you can see the details.
Later Tater and
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i have been pondering a reverse flow for it, wouldn't mind seeing more pictures sometime
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DAVID, I'd have to say yours is older than mine for sure... since all you have is a sticker and the Emblem that is on mine is probably something they graduated to in later models, even tho I know this owner had this model for better than 6 years. It only makes sense they would have started with a sticker till they could afford to add the emblem.

This would be a perfect model to consider a reverse flow... I might just have to start thinking about that...
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