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pork rinds

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I make fresh pork rinds when ive got the smoker going.

By null

By null
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Pike, How about a little more detail on the process. I'm interested. Where do you get the rinds? Local butcher?
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AGREED, need details. they look good but how and with what?
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Yes....give it up! I'd love to have fresh pork rinds like that. Love them. Share your method please....
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Looks interesting what is the process?
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I also would like more details, it's nice to know the how's and where's and when's of the subject.
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I saw pork rinds on Unwrapped last night. They were doing a profile on Southern foods
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I agree with all of the above. Details are needed.PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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I saw that Unwrapped too! Those look great pike! Yes, spill the details. A "Pork Rinds Tutorial" with full Qview should be coming.
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Let's see I make my own corned beef, pastrami, bacon of many types, sausage many also, lunch meat, hamburger meat, and noe snack sticks. So do you thingI would be interested in making mine own pork rinds??? SURE WOULD but I need alittle more info. I also see a tutorial coming. points.giffor peaking some interest.
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Me to, please tell us! PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Details, details... pork rinds are one of my wifes favorite undulges; I must have details!!!
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They Look Great...PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif

I watched them make them at Silver Dollar City in Branson, Missouri years ago. Fresh made rinds are nothing like the stale store bought ones....

Never thought about making them at home but Why Not?
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I thought "How did he make those?" as soon as I looked at the pics. So I am jumping in with the group and want the details.

Looks like you got a lot of interest in your pork rinds. That's got to make you feel good and it should, they look wonderful. You did a great job.
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wow more feed back then i thougt i would get.
well teres 2 placces i found to buy te pellets from.

they sell a 10lb box for $37

and here you can buy them by the pound

the size of cooker determans the amount you can cook at a time. but just a hand full inthe cooker set to 375--400 deg

and they must be held under the oil for 1 min and then its done.
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more details.

the fryer you see i got just for doing rinds and its filled 3/4 full with peanut oil so if you use your reguler fryer you'll need add alot more oil to it, and make some kind of plunger to hold the rinds down into the oil. these chips wont splater when the hit the oil the jst sink and start to exspand (or bubble up) and want to float on top ad they get large but then they shrink when they cool off.
if you just let them float on top there will be alot of uncooked spots on the rinds..
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Those do look great!
I was just wondering today about how to pull off NC style "skins" which seem to be more of a smoked cracklin/rind thing. Not sure if frying is involved with the kind I'm thinking of. They're not everywhere but perhaps my fave "lexington-style" NC bbq joint in the state (Cook's in Southmont, NC) has them.
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i love chicharones.........i love fried chicken skins too!

can't forget duck skin also..............

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^^^^^That is exactly what i am doing right now! Wish i had some in front of me. This forum is going to make me fat!
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one of my favorite things about cooking chicken and turkey is that crispy skin as soon as it comes off the smoker or from the oven (my wife prefers turkey done in the oven)...yum-o!
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