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boneless achiote smoked chix

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here is the paste i use......

in a blender puree smoked onion and garlic for the paste plus lime juice, olive oil, cilanrto, and some of my rub.

marinated for a couple of hrs, skewerd for the smoker.

after about an hour and 1/2 with pecan.........

heated up some beans with smkd onion/garlic and green chilis........

crispy up the skin a little............and it's chow time.
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I've seen that paste in the stores, don't remember where, but never tried it. Looks mighty good.

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Looks Great ...PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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you is very easy to use and it's not spicy, infact i add chilis to it, it is an earthy, slightly salty flavor that is very versatile and fares well for grilling or smokeing. just add lime, olive oil, and garlic.....of course i add more.
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Ya know Rob - I can be there in just a few hours and that has my name all over it - Points for sure and can ya send me some for a good dinner after my knee surgery tomorrow
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crap...good luck on the knee. my mom had both replaced at the same time. about a week later she told me what they did.......i about sh## my pants. i knew she was tough but sheesh! if i was there you whould have a stack of fresh tortillas and a hot bird watin' fer ya!
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This is just a miniscus thing so I can still be there in time for dinner LOL
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that's all........then chorizzo and menonita chz filled abts!

still don't like no one proddin' me............
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That looks absolutely amazing!!!!! We have a few packs of achiote in the cupboard and may have to do this one today! Thanks for the inspiration!

Not to highjack your awesome thread but, here is my favorite achiote recipe. Tacos al Pastor on the grill. It rocks!!!! Rick Bayless is a huge achiote fan.....
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Looks great Rob! Guess I'm lucky, around here we have the paste, powder, giant packs of it. Good stuff, gotta try your recipe, bet it's delicious!
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