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FREE Fridge

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I have a Frigidaire made by Gm that was given to me, I have a fridge smoker already and am willing to give this to a member if they come and get it.

The only plastic I see is where the X's are, in the door and the trim of the fridge where the door closes.

PM me if you would like it, we can arrange a time for you to get it to your house.
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Oh man, that is the EXACT fridge I have right now in which I am making into a backwoods clone.
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How far is Princeton from Rochester? Would be cool to have a matching pair LOL. One for hot, and one for cold smokes.
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Preston to Princeton=180 miles
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I just looked you up. I am going to Red Lake the second week of Feb, ice fishing. We are going right thru your area. If you still have it, maybe on the way back, I could swing over and take it off your hands?

PM me and let me know if thats cool.
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thats a cool old fridge! i am in TN...I suppose your not up for a road trip delivery!!! lolicon_mrgreen.gif
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Thats gonna make a great smoker nice of you to offer it to a fellow member Kurt PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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I post, actually read more than post, on a few smoking forums but I only put this offer on this forum
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If it's deep enough a kegerator comes to mind biggrin.gif
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If I drank beer it would be a good idea.
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Now that frig would make a great beer stein I know cause my mother and a bar owner friend made one for my dad in the 50's and it still works just fine I am told. I gave it away years ago to a friends.
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