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Pepper head Butter

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After seeing all the nice baking done here and of course others wonderfull additions to anything that might need butter.
Thought I would share this.

green roasted chili peppers. any heat index that is comfortable to you.
chop into small pieces. as much as you are comfortable with. I like a lot, as I love the taste of chili peppers.

get a pound of butter to room temp. (we are looking for nice and soft) not melted.
in a bowl add butter and green chili, incorperate the two till mixed well. then remold in to a shape you like. put in fridge and use on bagels, rolls and veggies. we make it with green chili powder and put on popcorn. but with the kids the question is always green or red chili. I like both.
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Sounds good! I can see that being real tasty rubbed up under the skin of a chicken before cooking!
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That's a pretty cool idea especially with the popcorn. Actually, I can already come up with several things that I'm sure it would taste great on from steaks, fish, mushrooms and other vegetables to chicken wings.
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