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smoker suggestions?

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I want to get an offset charcoal smoker to replace my homemade garbage can smoker. I took a look at the Char-Broil silver and heard that it was thin and "cheap". I'm looking to spend no more than $500 and want a good quality product. What are your suggestions?
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Try your local Craigslist first for a bargain. Check under "general", type in smoker and then hit search. Ya just never know what you'll find there. One of my relatives got a super deal on a stickburner from CL. Best of luck in your search.
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That's gonna be a tough one in an offset. For that kind of money I would be looking at the 22" WSM.
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Well, what should I be looking to spend, because as I said, I want an offset. I am truly clueless in terms of brand and models and would like to get an idea of what to look for.
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You can go to the builders list, In general discussion?, and find a builder in your area. The "heavier" built ones will last many life times.
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That they will but when I was looking I never saw a builder to offer one for the budget the op has.

Keep an eye out for a used one. I did around here, N. IL, but a good offset was no where to be had. I opted to increase my budget and bought a new Horizon.
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well im willing to increase my budget if thats the case, I just didnt think they got that expensive
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Skys the limit, I have 1 similar(older) as Ricks in his sig, mine was 1050$ ready to smoke.
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The one in my sig was $1400 delivered. A good one is not cheap but it will last for generations and don't need a bunch of mods to get to work like it should. I haven't done anything to mine but use it.
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In offsets, you have the inexpensive models -- Charbroil, Brinkman, Chargriller -- all in the $200-250 range. I used a Brinkman for many years & cooked a lot of good stuff. In the past year, I retired it & replaced it with a Chargriller. The CG has a few features - main chamber ash tray, SFB ash drawer, cast iron grates -- that I liked better than the Brinkman.

Between those & the $1000-1500 Horizons, etc; the choices seem to limited. The higher end offsets will burn less fuel & require less tending. They are without a doubt great cookers. Will they automatically make better 'que? Nope. It's your cooking skills that ultimately determine the quality of the end results.

I would love to have a Horizon or Lang & one day I may just spring for one. But for now I don't mind having to fiddle with the fire every couple of hours. A cooler of beer & a few hours "playing" with my CG is good therapy. The bonus is in the end, I have some delicious food to eat biggrin.gif
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Chargriller Smokin Pro. They are cheap and work great, and there is a whole page of modifications on here that make them smoke like a champ
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The venerable snp. A good contingent of us here on the forum have them and they can produce some great q. Lots of good mods available to tweak them with too. It's in your budget as well.
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I'm guessing from your sig that you're in Mineola.
The local Lowes in CarlePlace has the Chargriller Smokin'Pro. It's inexpensive and works great (I have one). You have to buy two pieces: the SuperPro grill and the side firebox. Totals less than $200.

Or if you go to the Hicksville Lowes down by Republic Airport, they have the RoyalOak smoker. Again you have to buy two pieces, grill and side firebox. The steel is heavier than the CGSP, and the price is a bit higher - around $300.

Both are well within your budget, and both will do an awesome job.
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i will admit, my offset (new braunfels hondo [post char-broil]) was FAR from easy to use, but with about $90 this thing is awesome.

$83 in steel for tuning plates and baffle (all new steel, 3/16" thick)
$6 in a six pack of beer (needed on of the cans)
$1 in foil

the tuning plates and baffle are self explainitory, but the beer can and foil are what i used to drop the exhaust pipe to grate level.

i got the smoker on sale @ academy for $120

so for $210, i'm happy with what i've got now. i am looking to build a new smoker, but i has to do with lack of room, rather than performance.

hope that helps a bit.
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One thing the Horizon has these less expensive offsets don't, it's made in the U.S.A. No amount of mods can change that.
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i agree with rick on that, but again...budget was the issue...correct?
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Yes it was but the op said they would be willing to increase the budget to acquire a quality unit.
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If you stay under $500 your only option (other than the chargriller, brinkman, ect.) is to watch you local craigslist or classifieds and find somebody selling a heavy duty smoker for that price.

I have seen some people building new ones on craigslist for $500-$700, but not many. After that you start stepping up into the big leagues at $1000+ (more like $1500+ biggrin.gif) to get a realy nice one.

Also keep in mind a big smoker needs a big space to park/store it in. So you want a good secure area for it that is also accessable and usable for your at home weekend smokes.
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Heck save some more money and go all out with the best of all smoker:
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