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Beef Snack Sticks

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Well it was a cold weekend here in the middle of Kansas so I decided to make some snack sticks out of some ground beef. My MES did a great job with only being about 10 degrees outside. It took about five and half hours to get them smoked.
I am trying my first pics here so I hope it works.

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Looks great!!! Thanks for a good idea on using the racks!!!!!
I do not have enough hooks to hang that much so I was going to make more but I should be able to do plenty they way you did!!!
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They look great! How do you like the Excalibur Seasoning mix? I like doing busines with MidWester which carries it, and I've been considering giving their mixes a try.
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The Excalibur is a great product. I really like Midwestern resources and they are very helpful, kind, and knowledgeable people. The flavor is very pleasing and I have written it in an excel sheet that measures it out by weight.
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That is one beautiful load of sticks !

Well deserved--->>>points.gifTo you !

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Those are some awesome looking sticks. Nice job. Man they look good. points.gif
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very nice gonna have to get me some stuff to make them!
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Great Looking Snack Sticks...PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Everything looks good, including the vinyl siding.PDT_Armataz_01_12.gif
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wow good looken sticks ya got therePDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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I have never made these, but my daughter loves the store-bought beef sticks...they always seem a little "greasy" to me. I assume that these home-made, like everything else are FAR superior to the store bought?
what is the seasoning mix and procedure you used. Also, my sausage stuffer is much larger bore...what kind is the one in your pic?
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I second using excaliber mixes....they alwys turn out great for me! I get them from midwestern research as well.
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These are not greasy at all. They are made from 90% lean beef using Excalibur seasoning from Midwestern Research out of Wichita, ks.
Mix the seasoning with the ground meat, stuff, and let set over night then smoke them for about 6 hours and your done! The stuffer in the picture is a Dakota stuffer using a 3/8" tube.
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Thanks Rambler!
I will have to put the Dakota stuffer on my wish list and add the beef sticks to my list of things to try!
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Are you using collogen casings on those? I've tried using sheep and they are a pain!
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I am using 19MM collogen casings. Those fit very good on the 3/8" stuffer tube. I prefer the collogen tubes because you don't have to soak them
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Yes those are some really nice looking snack sticks you did and I hung mine and it worked out really good for me. I don't have the wire racks with my smoker did yours come with it or did you have to buy them?? I like the colagen casings and they stuff nice a really full too. You said you wrote down the recipe for those sticks if you did can you send it to me or just post it somewhere I can get it???
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My MES came with the wire racks. I like them because they seem to clean easier in the dishwasher.
If you will PM with an e mail I will send you the excel sheet.
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Great looking sticks.


I see you have the dakotah water powered stuffer. I have one also, but i wasn't happy with the idea of leaky water hoses in my kitchen, so I bought a CO/2 cylinder and regulator and made up adapter fittings to the stuffer and I use air presure on my Dakotah.


Works great, I love it.

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