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I only ground once. I seasoned, then ground, then stuffed. I don't have a separate stuffer, so the meats gets worked a little again as I stuff with my grinder. I think grinding twice, then stuffing this way would give me a texture that I wouldn't like. I might change this process after the budget allows for a separate stuffer.

These were natural casings. I have only used natural. I have been happy with the natural casing but will probably try synthetics one of these days.
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Nice looking sausages..I saved your recipe to try out later..Thanks for posting it
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why did the ingredient amounts go away? hmm must be secret recipe now lol
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They were never in the very first post. They are in my reply in post #8. Are you gonna make these AND the chipotle chicken sausage?? Let me know what you think.
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yes i got the stuff to make the beer one but sams club let me down on the chicken so i went to winn dixie and they wanted 399lb for fricken chicken thighs so i hope to get a better deal on the chicken tomorrow, it would have been 12 bucks for each 3lbs just for the chicken wtf!!
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One more question Wutang, did you use all the fat that was on the pork but? or did you trim it because you added bacon?
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I did not trim any fat off of the butt. A lot of recipes I run into call for adding pork fat so I often use bacon as a substitution.
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