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UDS First Smoke - Chuckie, Cupcake Chicken, BBR's, & QView

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I seasoned my UDS on Friday night, and watched the temperature to try to get an idea of what I was going to get myself into for Sunday. Thanks to everyone for the help on the Chuckie, and the Cupcake Chicken.

Rack of Babybacks from Costco...I seasoned with Famous Dave's rib rub, and some Bacon Salt

Here's the Chuckie..They were onsale buy one get one free

Chicken Thighs. I made a post about attempting cupcake chicken (bone-in this time). Turns out a bone that's bigger than the cupcake pan doesn't fit..weird huh? For the record, my final recommendation is to buy Bone-In, w/ Skin. Then Debone yourself and inject.

After some trimming

Injecting thighs w/ Tony Chachere's Creole Butter Marinade (good stuff!)

Injected and wedged-in to get atleast some shape to them

All the meat was wrapped, and put back in the fridge for a bit to season while the charcoal/apple wood got set in the fire basket

Here's the UDS ready and waiting

Meat went on @ 1:40pm

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Part Two

Workin it’s way down with some fine tuning of the ball valve

Crankin along while watching the Cardinals game

Ribs foiled using 2.5-1.5-1 method, Cupcake Chicken on as well

Chuckie was stealing the show…rubbed w/ mustard. Then Famous Daves steak rub, Bacon salt, a little mix of Lowry’s and Pepper, followed by diced onions

Had to wrap the Chuckie @ 165..chicken was coming along nicely, almost ready to be pulled from the cupcake tin

Final results of the BBR’s. Last 30 mins they were on, they got a mixture of Sweet Baby Rays and Cattlemans w/ a lil bit of Tobasco

Chicken gets a dose of the same BBQ mix towards the end as well

The Ribs, and Mrs. T-domes homemade mac & cheeeese

Looks like one is missing….

Final Plating

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I didn’t Forget about the Chuckie!

I pulled the chuckie with the rest of the food, and we ate the ribs, mac & cheese, and chicken while the chuckie was foiled and toweled in the microwave. I let it set for about 1.25 hours in there

This may be my personal favorite…

Here it is all pulled and ready to be food saved. I was completely full at this point but still had to try a little bit w/ the au jus

The Chuckie was my favorite, and the ribs were great as well. The chicken wasn’t bad, but like I said, I think I liked it better when I deboned it myself and left the skin on. It really did look like cupcakes the time I deboned it, and it seemed to taste better for some reason. Thanks for watchin.
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looks like the uds is working just fine!
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Excellent! If I wasn't such a cold weather wuss, I'd have something on right now.
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UDS Smokin

It's lunch time here....! This is almost unbearable to look at ....!!!!! Nothing light scoring a touchdown on it's 1 st smoke....Great things to come I'm sure !!! CONGRATS!!!

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Nice looking meal there! GREAT WORK!

Is that CHuck from Fry's... like the same as Fry's Electronics? The logo looked the same.
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I believe it's all one in the same. Fry's is a lonstanding grocery chain here in AZ (kroger stuff)
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Man with great taste. I love Famous Daves and Bacon salt was sent to us from heaven. Use them both often. How long did you cook the chicken? I have never tried chicken on the smoker.
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The chicken cooked for about 2.25 hours between 230 and 250.
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Nice work!
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Sweet looking pile o' grub you had there. I love chuckies too. Might be my favorite.

points.giffor a great looking smoke.

icon_evil.gif from my son who's standing over my shoulder
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It looks like everything cam out all right. Those ribs were diffinantly money for sure. I like the pull back and the wife love that sweet baby rays sauce unless I made some of mine that is. That chuckie shredded really easy too ha. You cannt beat that plate of food you had either.PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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I have a new found respect for Chuckies after this. This one just worked out so well, I'm anxious to cook one up for a group of people. Thanks again for all the help

I agree about Sweet Baby Rays...The only reason I ended up trying it one time was because it was on sale. Later that night everyone was talking about how great the BBQ sauce was. Now it's always in the fridge, and it's usually competitively priced
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Awesome looking food! I am eager to try my first chuckie soon!
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The times I have smoked chucks they have turned out real well. Them and
shoulders are about the most forgiving to smoke I guess. The chucks turn out so close to flat cut brislet that they are what I use if I am in more of a hurry. [folks gotta eat !!]
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really likin' the looks of that chuckie, and those ribs. nicely done.
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Great Looking Chuckie...
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Nice smoke!! PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Who needs desert after that!
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