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My Review Of The New MES W/Qview

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I had a few issues with getting temperatures up to 275', or even over 235', since we had a cold snap I decided to take it back to Sam's since I bought the 3 year warrantee, 39 dollars.

New chip loader.

New chip tray to match.

1200 watts, yea, that should work.

Acess door on back, and I think on the bottom also.

I used the old drip pan for seasoning.

I noticed a heavier duty latch, 1,200 watts, chip loader, chip tray and a better door seal and hinges.

That is all I can find at this time.

It is seasoning right now. I turned it on and within 30 minutes it was up to temp 275' with no water pan. I then added the pan and some water and took it down to about 150' and is sitting at 275' right now and temps are about 5' left to right at the grates after 2 hours.

All in all they have worked very hard to get it right with this new model. I really think they did that. PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif

I forwarded several links to some of the problems we we were having here and I think they took them serious and made the changes based on that. PDT_Armataz_01_37.gifTo Masterbuilt. They have proven to me they really care for their customers and their products being the best value for the money.

Disclaimer: I don't work for them or get paid by them. I just love their smoker. I'll be doing some ribs tomorow and post the results.
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You took it back and got a replacement, or you took it back and are waiting for a replacement? The pics and seasoning was with the replacement?

What is now the highest temp the controller goes to 275ยบ or higher. Please tell me it goes to 325 with that 1200 watt element.

It will be interesting if the number of complaints go up with the higher wattage element. 1200 is only 10.5 amps but older 15amp circuits may have issues. If I put a hot plate on the same outlet as the MES which I often do when I am doing a lot of cooking, it will occasionally trip my circuit breaker.

Ron thanks for all the excellent pics on the new MES.
So the price was $299 + $39 for 3 yr warranty. Maybe you should only get 1 yr since you like to drive a new model every year.icon_wink.gif

I really like the idea of all that extra wattage but I would like to have higher temps available too.
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I see one of these in my future. Thanks for the pics Ron.
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I noticed some mods on the 30 inch MES we bought my father inlaw for Christmas. The chip loader being shortened was the first thing I noticed. I will have to look further next time I am over there. The temps seemed to fluctuate a little more than mine does, but we were smoking in below freezing temps that day. Thanks for the report on yours Ron.
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It is still 275' but it sure gets it done.
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Good Deal Ron, Glad you got it...PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif

I am waiting on them to come in at the local Sam's...
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In this case it was good to get the extended warrenty. You came out well on this deal RonPDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Yes usually those warantees aren't worth it but Sam's is. I had 2 laptops replaced also.PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif

I got a pm from Paul asking about the front view of the smoker so I took a better pic tonight, it is stainless steel.

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Lookin good, but where's my chow????? tongue.gif
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I'm assuming this is the 40" version Ron?

EDIT: Nevermind, found in another thread that it's the 40"
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Ron, thanks for the informative review. That may be useful for someone interested in buying an electric smoker.
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I am not currently a Sam's Club member. In your reviews on this, you have always recommend the extended warranty. The 3 year for $39 warranty is a no questions ask policy, just exchange unit at Sam's and not having to deal with Masterbuilt?

How low will temps go?

Thanks for all the details!
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Nice review Ron...the only thing I don't care for is the smaller chip pan..other then that it seems like they did some good things to improve.
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Seems like you could get a pan from an Old MES or order a replacement.
I tend to use small chunks that I feed in without the loader so I would want the wider pan I think.

I wonder if they went with the narrow pan to reduce the smoke with the hotter burner. Seems like using chunks would also reduce smoke, that is what I use with my "Old" (2 month) MES.
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So far that is the way it works. Temps start at 100' - 275'.

I am not sure of that at this time either. So far the 2 smokes I have done I needed to add a chunk about every 45 minutes.

You can still use chunks, just split them smaller to fit.
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