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Cool Cheese

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Smoked up some colby jack an motzerella taday. Didn't come out very dark but smells great! It's vac bagged an bloomin in the fridge fer a couple weeks.

With used ta be cool operatin we can do cheese right now!

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Good looking cheese, Tip! I haven't tried any yet as I don't think I could get the temp low enough in the Vault.
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Thats the nice thing bout used ta be cool, I can get down to 60° on the thermostat an still smoke cause a the smoke generator.

Ya know, I bet ya could do it in yer valut, I seen a vid once a feller took a tin can with chips in it an put a higher wattage solderin iron in it to generate smoke, then covered it up with some foil. Looked like it worked real good!
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Looks Great...

That is the one thing I don't have a problem with on the Bradley... It works great for cold smoking...
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Hey there Trav, looks good. I am going to try my first cheese this week. I know the temp should not go over 80 degrees? But is there a "minimum" temp that cheese should be smoked at? I was thinking of using my reverse flow with 2-3 coals with large wood chips mixed in. My thinking is, as you know living in Iowa, and here in Mn, that it's cold as hell outside so I would try in my smoker. If the smoke chamber temp is say 30-40 degrees, would that work? Or should it be higher? I can't see the lower temps being an issue, as long as the cheese don't freeze, but I don't know for sure so thats why I ask. icon_mrgreen.gif
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Temp wise I do mine at 60° cause thats the lowest my thermostat goes. I ain't sure temp would make alota difference, only the colder it is the tighter the structure a the cheese might be? Might take it a bit longer ta smoke, but that would just be a WAG!icon_mrgreen.gif
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Congrats on your cheese smoke. Hope it tastes great when you open er up.
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ive done this and it works great (just dont forget to burn the lining out of the can first) drill a hole on the bottom side, stick in the iron and throw the chips in...your smokin!!
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Hell yeah Tip, now comes the wait.
Did mine 10 days ago and was trying to give it 2 weeks but had to cut into a chunk of cheddar today, nice and smoky chees goodness but those extra few days will be worth waiting.
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Waiting is the hardest part...
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