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Pequin Tweeked Hunky Rub on Olive Wood Thighs with Red Beans,G.Chiles and Rice

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Have not used my garden Pequins this year and never know the heat level.These stayed on plants till end of growing season....

These were hotter this year.100,000-125,000 scoville of fruity back of the mouth heat...

Richtee-aka mad hunky- sells a dynamite all purpose rub that i wanted to tweek with some fruity heat...

Plan was a teaspoon of pure pequin to 2 tablespoons hunky-I went with 1/4 teaspoon of my pequin after sampling...

10 boneless skinned thighs with the modified hunky rub...

Some Olive Wood a friend from Cali traded me for....The most aromatic/light wood i have ever used

Set the kettle up and coaled off the olive a bit...Aromatic wood that olive...

Green chiles and red beans,onions, garlic etc..i grow.Think i will try my hand at celery next year...Likes me a challenge...

I made some cayene rice and added 4 more of the garden powders.Paprika,mirasol,chimayo and some red jap chipotles

Many layers of flavor and once i shred the remaining thighs into rice i am set for some lunches!!!

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LOL I thought the post said PENGUINS. I'm an idiot.

That looks uber hot. But a fine looking meal.
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Looks Great Alex, Let us know how the "PENGUINS" Taste...icon_mrgreen.gif
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Thighs looked great and with the addition of those great fresh ingredients that had to be a tasty plate.
Love the way those pequins look growing on the plant, never grew them myself but loved the shot of yours from this past season.
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Yummy looking' eats PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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looks great alx.........are these like chiltepin peppers?
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Now them penguins looks an awful lot like chicken to me Alex. I have that kean eye when I put it in too. But that rice looks to die for. Ithink I would just eat the rice by the bowls full an anyway I'm not real sure if I like penguins or not.points.gifFor yet another fine looking dish.
PS Is it hard to shot those penguins????
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.This article states the wild form is chiltepin and domesticated is piquin.I believe the word Pequin is a anglicized version of the name chiltepin.It says chiltepin is closer to the aztec/indian word.....I also grow a bailey peguin which is bigger and machine harvestable.I get alot of these seeds fron new mexico state university chile shop...I had a plant years ago take 30 days to germinate.The birds poop out the seeds in nature and this apparently aides in the wild germination.....

These are from last years garden.Roughly 7 feet tall.Started indoors in february and ripe by beggining of november.....Definetly more of a southern plant,but i get plenty...

I did cover them near end with netting.This was first year i noticed the birds eating them...

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some of the bottem pics show them elongated....are these the same? the above pics look like the plants my grandma had but she kept the plant smaller........them's good and spicy. my grandpa used to crush 2-3 dried on his meals.
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Beautiful meal (s) you made there Alex! Outstanding rice dish that will make great lunches all week long. Congratulations, and I am starving now! Real nice combo of peppers too.

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Very nice dish, Those flavors compiment each other. Great idea of tweaking the rub to taste. Thanks for sharing Alex.
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