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water heater tank

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has anybody ever used a commercial water heater for making a reverse flow out of. the tank is 24" diameter made out of 3/16 steel and i cut it down to 32" long. my fire box i intend to use is a residential water heater and it is also 3/16 steel. it was perfect size for my firebox... 18" diameter and i cut it down to 19" long according to the firebox calculator. so far it was all the right price since i got paid to change out the commercial one and a buddy gave me the residential one. i haven't taken any pics yet but i plan to if this is gonna work.
thanks for your opinions!
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I've not done this specifically, but I have made wall tent stoves out of hot water heater tanks. They work very well. One caution I have come upon is that many of them are fiberglass lined and this has to be dealt with. Wire wheel on a grinder and firing the stove many times outside cleaned it up nicely for me.
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